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Adventure Honeymoons

Adventure honeymoons are becoming one of the hottest trends in honeymoons today. Perhaps it's because of the thrill couples get by experiencing something so adventurous together, maybe it's because this is the only chance the couple will be able to partake in such exciting activities, or maybe it's just because sitting on a beach all day isn't exactly your cup of tea. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of world-class adventure honeymoons out there for you to go on. Here are some of best adventure honeymoon ideas we've come across. Why not try these on for size?

Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps
Poas Volcano in Costa Rica
Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

Tsujido Seashore - Mount Fuji
House of Wonders Stone Town Zanzibar

Sealion 2000 - Kangaroo Island

Winter Wonderland in the Swiss Alps
If skiing, snowboarding, sledding or ski boarding (a mix between skis and snowboards) sounds like a lot of fun - try doing all of that and then some at the magnificent Swiss Alps. What's more is that the view itself will help turn each night of your honeymoon the most romantic ones you've had yet. Book a room at any of their many luxurious snow resorts… many of which feature private fireplaces. Just imagine cozying up to your new Prince or Princess at the end of a hard but fun day at the slopes with some hot chocolate and a warm fire.

Tropical Thrills in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is known for many things that require a sense of adventure! Try ziplining over taller than tall rainforest canopies, white water rafting through class 4 and 5 rapids while getting close and personal with the wildlife along the river, repelling down steep mountainous landscaping, 4-wheeling through rough terrain to get to your next daring Costa Rican spot. Then, relax and unwind while observing the active Arenal Volcano or by sitting in one of the many natural hot springs.

Mountains of Fun in Mt. Fuji, Tokyo
Most people may not think to honeymoon in Tokyo, but you could get the very best of all worlds by doing so. Get a full day's worth of site seeing, city hustle & bustle, plates full of authentic Japanese sushi, cups full of original sake, a taste of the modern Japanese culture. Then, take a nighttime rigorous hike to the summit of Mr. Fuji. The hike is about 4-5 hours long with breaks along the way, so many couples who choose to do this during the months of July and August start their adventure at around midnight and reach the top just in time to witness the glorious Japanese sunrise.

Wildlife Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar
A safari honeymoon in Tanzania and Zanzibar not only means the thrill of witnessing African wildlife up close and personal, but also relaxing on some of the most pristine beaches in the world. It also means lying underneath the natural blanket full of stars each night, and being tended to by a personal safari guide. Travel through the famous Serengeti plains and through Lake Manyara, while learning all about the Maasai culture. This will surely be an adventure of a lifetime.

Down Under Paradise in South Australia
Honeymooners to South Australia will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife without the bothers of many tourists. Go on a bush wildlife safari in the Eyre Peninsula before taking a dip with sea lions and/or lions. Visit one of the most unspoiled natural wonders of the world on Kangaroo Island, where you and your loved one can make friends with seals, koala bears, kangaroos, and more! If you want the best of both worlds, try renting out a private home at "Lifetime Private Retreats" where you get a personal chef and a personal view of Australia's rugged outback.