About Long Island NY

Long Island - The Perfect Wedding Location

The beautiful beaches. The temperate climate. The availability of resources. What more could a bride-to-be want? This is what she'll find as she begins her wedding planning on Long Island. With its picturesque backdrops and something-for-everyone locations, Long Island has become an incredibly popular place to host the big day for many couples. Whether you want a quaint vineyard celebration or an elegant historic mansion soiree, look no further than the east-of-the-city oasis.

It's no secret that the Hamptons are a hotspot for celebrities and the social elite, but they are also an amazing choice for any couple looking for the ultimate wedding. With its cozy towns complete with 5th Avenue shopping and world-class dining, the Hamptons made up of South, West and East Hampton are sure to impress even the most influential guest. A whole host of gorgeous venues are available for weddings and events in the Hamptons and, although the location comes with a hefty price tag, the south shore vistas are priceless. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast, the Hamptons can set the scene for your party like no other place in the country.

Perhaps an expensive Hamptons wedding is not your ideal. There are a multitude of other incredible wedding locales on Long Island, including the miles of coast along the north shore. With Connecticut in view on the horizon, the Long Island Sound sparkles and makes for astonishing photos. From Great Neck to Orient Point, there are dozens of delightful north shore coastal communities, each with their own special charm. Choose from the natural beauty of the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, the picturesque Promenade of Port Jefferson or the historic hotels in Greenport. The north shore of Long Island has it all. As you cruise eastward along Route 25A, you will pass some of the finest scenery and most amazing homes in the state and will find a surprisingly more rural setting as you go. Whether you are looking for a perfect wedding spot or not, the north shore of Long Island is a gorgeous experience that is not to be missed.

With so much emphasis today on going green and being environmentally friendly, Long Island is an amazing place to appreciate nature at its finest. There are dozens of national, state, county, town and village parks on Long Island that offer unbeatable views and unspoiled landscapes, the perfect setting for a wedding or event. From world-famous Jones Beach to rustic Wildwood, the parks on Long Island are top-notch and truly represent what a gift of natural beauty this area has been given. Traveling further east, especially on the south fork of the island, one can quickly see the fruit of hard-working farmers in the land of the vineyards and farms. With countless local farm stands and orchards, it is easy to understand why Long Island farms are some of the most productive in the New York State. You can experience wine tasting in the summer, apple picking in the fall and Christmas tree cutting in the winter, as Long Island offers year-round outdoor entertainment and fun. The world-class vineyards are a favorite spot for brides-to-be. Many offer wedding packages and can provide a fresh alternative to the traditional wedding scene.

Both Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island are home to some of the best restaurants, hotels, beaches and vineyards in the state. If you are considering Long Island as the setting for your big day, you will not be disappointed. With so many amazing venues and locations on both the north and south shores, the trouble won't be finding a place to hold your event; it will be choosing a place. Visit LongIsland.com for more information about Long Island.