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Asian Honeymoons

Looking for an exotic place to start your happily ever after? Why not check out the Far East. Asia is filled with history, undisturbed lands, interesting cultures, and unique experiences to offer all types of honeymooners. Here are some of the most exotic Asian honeymoon ideas we've found.

Tsujido Seashore - Mount Fuji
Gunung Abang Volcano in Bali
Gunung Abang Volcano in Bali
Deira and Dubai Creek
Deira and Dubai Creek
Bangkok Thailand
Rama VII Bridge Bangkok
Hotel in Goa, India
Hotel in Goa, India

Mountains of Fun in Mt. Fuji, Tokyo
Most people may not think to honeymoon in Tokyo, but you could get the very best of all worlds by doing so. Get a full day's worth of site seeing, city hustle & bustle, plates full of authentic Japanese sushi, cups full of original sake, a taste of the modern Japanese culture. Then, take a nighttime rigorous hike to the summit of Mr. Fuji. The hike is about 4-5 hours long with breaks along the way, so many couples who choose to do this during the months of July and August start their adventure at around midnight and reach the top just in time to witness the glorious Japanese sunrise.

Love is a Temple in Bali, Indonesia
Find tranquility, harmony and beauty on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Predominantly Hindu, the gentle people of Bali live a peaceful life separated and largely untouched by the other parts of the world. Enjoy Bali's unspoiled natural attractions, the unique culture and the luxurious amenities that have been created to make this a true "Paradise on Earth". Want to really get the most out of a visit to Bali? Check out Bali's ancient temples and feel like you're a part of the world's history.

Do it Bollywood Style in Goa, India
Goa - one of the smallest states in India bordering the Arabian Sea- offers some of the biggest pleasures, including luxurious resorts, first class service, wonderful spas, deep-rooted culture, succulent foods and amazing history. Goa provides the honeymoon of your dreams with its swaying palm trees, white sands beaches and sparkling waters. It's no wonder it attracts more than 2 million visitors annually. Give your honeymoon a true touch of uniqueness and value by touring the nearby enchanting Agra, home to the Taj Mahal - subject of one of the most romantic true love stories ever told.

Love is Delicate in Bangkok, Thailand
Take the trip of a lifetime by honeymooning in exotic Bangkok, Thailand. Check out the beautiful city of Bangkok, filled with history and stories, and its wondrous temples-not to mention the renowned gold statue of Buddha. Enjoy mouth watering Thai meals as well as traditional Thai dance performances. Bangkok also offers some of the most exciting nightlife experiences you can think of. Finally, witness the only floating market in the world, and then take a short drive to Pattaya Beach, where you can go scuba diving and discover the world under the sea at Coral Island before having lunch right on the Thai beaches.

Put Romance on a Pedestal in Dubai
Treat your new spouse like the princess or prince that they are by honeymooning in glorious Dubai. It has all the offerings of the traditional honeymoon - sandy beaches, year-round sun, amazing foods - and more. Go on a high fashion shopping spree with its stylish duty free shopping, and stay at some of the finest resorts or hotels in the entire world (and we're not exaggerating!). Want to get in some skiing as well as soaking in the sun? No problem. Just check out Dubai's unique indoor winter sports complex. You'll feel like you're in Swiss Alps, only to step outside to the sleek, modern, Middle East. What's more? You'll truly be honeymooning in paradise with no air pollution, no traffic jams, no poverty, and an extremely low crime rate. How's that for an escape?