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European Honeymoons

Europe is known for its old world culture, romantic architecture and fantastic sightseeing. It's also one of the most popularly visited places for Americans to visit. Have the desire to check Europe out, but don't know where to start? Take a look at these fine European getaway ideas!

Romance in the Swiss Alps
If skiing, snowboarding, sledding or ski boarding (a mix between skis and snowboards) sounds like a lot of fun - try doing all of that and then some at the magnificent Swiss Alps. What's more is that the view itself will help turn each night of your honeymoon the most romantic ones you've had yet. Book a room at any of their many luxurious snow resorts… many of which feature private fireplaces. Just imagine cozying up to your new Prince or Princess at the end of a hard but fun day at the slopes with some hot chocolate and a warm fire.

Looking for Love in Florence, Italy
Looking for something more than white sand and water sports? Florence, Italy will not only offer a truly romantic experience, but amazing architecture, hearty meals, beautiful art, and a grand cultural experience. Florence is also an easy leaping pad to other romantic destinations including Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast. Looking for that special something to do with your new hubby or wife? Find the many stained-glass ceilings in hotels and museums that provides for an Old World romantic mood.

Mamma Mia! Honeymoon in the Greek Isles
Natural beauty, amazing sunsets, sapphire waters, mouth-watering foods, and traditional Greek architecture are just some of the adventures you can enjoy while visiting one of the world's most romantic honeymoon settings. Check out more than one of the unique Greek Islands and visit the Greece hotspots of Santorini, Mykonos and - of course - Athens. Visitors to the Greek Isles can enjoy relaxing on the beautiful beaches, resort activities, and cultural/historical sightseeing. An added bonus…take the short trip to Turkey to experience an entirely different culture, history and people.

Bliss in Eastern Europe
Until the fall of the Berlin wall, Eastern Europe was hardly considered a place for a romantic honeymoon. Luckily, times have changed and honeymooners are welcome to enjoy Easter Europe's friendly locals, affordable accommodations, interesting history, and unforgettable scenery. Experience something you never thought you could by taking a walk through the bustle of the market squares in the major cities to the quiet surroundings of Lake Bled. Experience the different Eastern European cultures in one trip by hopping destinations. For example, enjoy the sunny beaches and vineyards of Crete, and then relax with world class cake and coffee at Demel - one of the Chocolate Capitals of the world.

Cheers in London, England
We'd be amiss by not including one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world - London, England - in this list of best European honeymoons! London provides for the perfect honeymoon for history buffs, theater and arts lovers, and nightlife goers. Enjoy some of the best dining and shopping experiences you'll ever have before retiring at a quaint English bed and breakfast or boutique hotel. Then, wakeup hot tea and biscuits at a local coffee shop! Tack on more to your English honeymoon by taking a train to the countryside or by visiting historical sites such as Bath or Stonehenge.