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Catering Halls Nearby to Scarsdale, NY
  VenueCapacityPriceOn Site
The Perfect Party
Scarsdale, NY
NYIT de Seversky Mansion
Old Westbury, NY
Up To 400As low As $130
Leonard's Palazzo
Great Neck, NY
50 to 1000 $70 to $175
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Catering Halls in Scarsdale County New York

Find the best Scarsdale catering hall to host a wedding reception sites, business event, sweet 16, bar or batmitzvah, birthday party, or any other social or business event. Use our Long Island social & business event guides for photos, details, and pricing info for wedding receptions, birthday parties, retirement parties, and ceremony sites in Scarsdale, Long Island New York. Find North Fork Catering Halls, as well as Hamptons Catering Halls for events in South Hampton, East Hampton, Hampton Bay etc.