Audrey's Fine Baked Goods

Audrey's Fine Baked Goods

West Sayville, NY 11796
  229-231 Montauk Highway, West Sayville NY 11796 631-244-7288
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Audrey's Fine Baked Goods opened for business in November of 1996 and is a division of Long Island's premier caterer, Lovin' Oven Celebrations. Audrey's provides the special occasion cakes, fine pastries, dessert selections and assorted bread products for all of Lovin' Oven's catering facilities on Long Island and in Manhattan. Audrey's quality products are getting rave reviews from its patrons for their style and taste.

Audrey's continues to attract retail and wholesale business from residents and establishments all over Long Island. Brides flock to Audrey's for the unique wedding cake designs. In addition to our standard designs for both weddings and special celebrations, our talented decorators can recreate your wildest fantasy cake.

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