Classic Video Productions

Classic Video Productions

Commack, NY 11725
  80 Shirley Court, Commack NY 11725 631-864-0052
Classic Video Productions in Commack, New York wants you to be able to witness your event in its entirety when looking back on the videos. That’s why Classic Video Production not only focuses on the “classic” moments or “V.I.P’s” of your event, but the reactions of your important guests as well. They do all of this while trying to be as discreet as possible. Classic Video Productions uses the latest in professional grade video equipment, which means that your video will be nothing short of, well, classic.

The videographers utilize their 20 years of experience to create high quality videos with journalistic as well as cinematography styles. Classic Video Productions is determined to capture the truth of your event, and this means capturing it all while paying close attention to detail.

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