Marie Katz

Located in Western Suffolk County, is Marie Katz – licensed professional makeup artist and skin care therapist. Marie Katz specializes in “bridal makeovers” and works with all elements of the bride and her wedding day to ensure that the bride is 100% satisfied with her beauty results. She carefully studies the bride’s facial features and works to highlight and contour her bone structure in order to bring out the best of each bride’s natural beauty.

Her expertise in the makeup airbrush technique also helps to diminish wrinkles, and all other flaws. Moreover, Marie Katz take special consideration of the wedding dress, the colors, the accessories, the flowers, the lighting, the time and location and generally all of the things related to the wedding in order to perfect the bride’s makeup so that it is nothing less then perfect.

All photos within this listing are the property of Marie Katz in Dix Hills, NY