Royalty Limousines

Royalty Limousines

Franklin Square, NY 11010
  315 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Square NY 11010 516-326-9100
Royalty Limousines wants to make sure your wedding day is as perfect as you'd always dreamed. That why they have put together an amazing fleet of vehicles available for you and your party to get to, drive away from, or party in. Royalty Limousines has over 60 vehicles to choose from, whether it's a classic 1929 Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a BMW, a Mercedes Benz, or SUV limousines. They even have exclusive limousine buses available for up to 40 passengers.

Impress your guests with the way you "roll" while feeling pampered and honored at the same time. Call Royalty Limousines today to make your reservation.

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