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A Hawaiian Luau can be the perfect party theme for any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries to graduation parties. The fun begins when you start planning the luau, choosing the invitations, decorating the catering hall, and deciding on the foods that will be served.

Beginning with the invitations, you can start to see the fun unfold. The invitations of course should be colorful and tropical. In order for the guests to enter the party, you can send a special lei for them to wear and without the decoration they cannot enter. You may want to include other specifications for them to wear so the Hawaiian Luau can be as authentic looking as possible as well as fun.

You can find all kinds of already made invitations for your luau at most paper supply or create your own. Think of the things you can use to create your invitations, if you do not wish to place a lei in the invitation consider other items that can be worn that match the theme such as tropical flowers. This could be pinned in the hair or for the guys worn as a bracelet.

To transform the catering hall into a Hawaiian beach you will decorations. A few ideas can be large banners, palm trees, hula girl’s signs, parrots, tropical flowers, luau lights, cardboard waves, pink flamingos, and more.

The music of course, once again should be tropical or Hawaiian. You can choose to hire a band, a DJ, or just use your own CD’s. The music can play in the background during the entire event.

If you did not send the lei through the mail, you should have a large wicker basket filled to the brim with colorful leis for your guests to receive as they enter. You can even hire a couple of actors or ask a couple of friends to hand out the leis to the guests. You may even wish to be the one handing out the leis. Make this greeting as authentic as you can such as the greeter being dress in the proper attire and Hawaiian music heard over the crowd.

Now on to the rest of the decorations. Throughout the catering hall you can add all kinds of decorations in the corners, between the tables, hanging from the ceiling, on the tables and chairs. A few of the suggestions for a Hawaiian Luau include backdrops such as tropical scene, bamboo scene, Tiki pole scene, water waves, and tropical forest.

Hanging from the ceiling and placed around the room you can use such things as garland, ceiling dangles, Luau flower garland, outdoor luau decorations, paradise garlands, paper lanterns, wind chimes, wooden parrots, sea shells, wooden totem poles, candles, and torches.

For the tables you should use a raffia table skirt and of course add all things tropical to the table or around the table. Your centerpieces can be tropical flowers, parrots, totem poles, and vines can be placed along the outer edges or palm trees at the end of the each table.

You can find all kinds of luau decorations and accessories by visiting a party store. A few of the other accessories you may wish to add to your event includes tropical confetti, foil wrapped fish, Tiki Island plates, Tiki island napkins and cups, luau salt and pepper shakers, and of course use all kinds of tropical colors such as green, bright blue, orange, hot pink, and melon.

One thing that must not be overlooked at a Hawaiian luau is the party bar. You can find many different ideas for serving tropical drinks at your luau including LED palm tree margarita glasses, coconut cup with straw, neon Tiki cups, glowing margarita cups, and of course those cute little umbrellas. Drinks that should be served include Mai Tai's, Piña Colada's, Blue Hawaii's, and Lava Flow's.

Since this is a Hawaiian Luau you will want to have someone on hand that can teach your guest the hula or the equipment needed to play limbo. Just another fun and great way to break the ice and have all the guests enjoy the party.

The catering hall staff will be able to help you create the menu for your luau with delectable treats that are sure to please everyone palates. Foods you may wish to serve can include Chicken Adobo, Char Siu, Chicken Katsu, Chicken long rice, Huli Huli chicken, Kalua pig, Kim Chee, Kulolo, Lau Lau, Haupia, Pipikaula, and of course any type of tropical fruit such as mangoes or pineapple or bananas. The chef’s at the catering hall will be able to advice you on the best dishes to go with your luau that will help set the mood as well as work well with your event. If you are having a Hawaiian luau for a child’s birthday party then you will not want the alcoholic drinks and the foods would not be spicy. On the other hand, if only adults will be present then the drinks would be included. You can plan a luau for any event and with the professional staff at the catering hall; the event will be a huge hit.

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