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When people think about planning a major event where food will be part of the equation, they are usually faced with the decision of trying to do all the food themselves, hiring a caterer, or reserving a restaurant for the evening. Since the restaurant is the least likely option, and the thought of trying to do all the food yourself is terrifying, the choice usually shifts to hiring a caterer. But have you ever thought about becoming a caterer or starting your own catering business. There is a lot to consider if you want to start your own catering business.

Depending on what you are willing to invest remember that one of the keys to success with starting any business is putting a product on the market that is unlike any other as well as cost-effective. The food service industry has a myriad of challenges and that is something that you need to be aware of so that you’re not going into this blind. Here are five ways to figure out if this is the type of business for you.

  • You have to love cooking. Liking it isn’t enough. You have to be passionate about wanting to cook and be creative in the process.

  • You have to excel at cooking. Loving to cook isn’t the key. You can love to cook but not be that good at it. The key here is that what you cook is palatable. To satisfy the client, those dishes that you prepare have to be delicious.

  • You have a diverse style of cooking. Since no two clients will have the same taste in cuisine, you have to be able to accommodate every client’s taste.

  • You can put the meal together quickly and effectively. Clients invariably will wait until the last minute. The skilled caterer will be able to cook something fast and tastefully, as well as please a demanding client in the process.

  • You have to be able to put up with demanding and critical clients. You can’t be thinned-skinned in this line of work. Clients will try your patience every chance they get, so be prepared to deal with their demands.

  • It’s not just the aspect of cooking that you have to excel at. You have to feel at home in the kitchen obviously, but you also have to be able to manage people as well as advertise and promote your business effectively. You have to be able to close deals and negotiate with clients. And most importantly, you have to smile when you do it.

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