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The bridal shower is the one of the last single woman parties you will have. As the big day approaches it is exciting, but the party is also something to look forward to the bride and her friends. It is one party that only women can attend and the celebration is full of games, prizes, gifts, food, and laughter. Well, we cannot say that only women can attend, but at one time years ago this was the way it was, today, more bridal showers are including the men folk.

At the party, games can be played for all types of party guests. These games are great for the kiddos and if your mom or grandmother attend the party. For your friends only party, you can play games that are of the naughty nature like what song was playing for the bride’s (and the other guest’s) first time and dressing up blow up dolls for the best looking groom in lingerie for his honeymoon.

Each game should have winners at the end and prizes awarded. You can even include second and third places if you like. The prizes awarded can be candles, chocolates, lotion, bath salts, and other prizes that women would love to win.

Bridal shower games that everyone can play can include a variety of different games. The guessing game has guests guessing the amount of a particular item in a jar. The jar can hold candy or marbles and the guest with the closest guess wins.

For something a bit more bridal like, you can play, make wedding dress maker. The kicker is that the guests will not be using fabric, yarn, or even crayons they have to use toilet paper. Teams of two battle it out in a fashion show of toilet paper dresses where the bride-to-be picks the winner. This will definitely be a Kodak moment.

Another game could be how well do you know the bride and groom? Questions can be made up by one of the bridesmaids and each guest can take turns answering. Questions can include ones about how the happy couple met or ones that include the bride’s single days.

At a bridal shower, the clothes pin game can also be played. A clothes pin is worn by every guest and if the groom’s name is said then the person who notices gets their pin. Whoever has the most pins wins. A simple, yet fun game can be more fun when you add mixed drinks.

The after the wedding game takes place on the wedding day when the lights go out. The mission is for the bride-to-be to dress in the dark with a suitcase full of oversized clothes and men’s underwear. The bride is to be blindfolded and timed while putting on those clothes over her own while the guests bet on what she puts on. When she emerges from the dark room, the pictures will be priceless not to mention hilarious.

Bridal shower games of all types can be played for the party. Make sure the games are fun and entertaining. This is a single girl sent off into the married life and she deserves a night of laughs before saying “I Do”.

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