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If you have been given the opportunity to book the catering hall for your company then there are a few things you need to know before booking. You will need to make sure the catering hall meets all the requirements and has all the services you need before you book the hall and put down the deposit.

You will also need to know what you need for the meeting. How many speakers, guests, and vendors will be attending the meeting? This will give you an idea on the size of catering hall you will need to accommodate all that will be attending. You will also have to consider the seating arrangements as well as the seating for the speakers. Can you sit the guests properly so they can all hear the speakers throughout the room? Will those in the back of the room be able to hear the speakers? Does the catering hall provide the sound system including speakers and mikes? Can you test them prior to booking? Be sure that all areas of the room can hear clearly.

Will the speakers need equipment to present slide shows, projectors, hi-tech digital equipment like LCD, LED players, plasma screens, web casts, video conferencing, or an internet connection? All of these are important questions that must be answered before you will be able to book a catering hall.

When you speak with the staff at the reception, be sure that you receive an answer to all of your questions regarding the various services and equipment they have available. If at all possible, you should test the equipment to ensure all is in working order. Vague responses to your questions will not help you when it comes time for a speaker to use a projector and then you learn the projector is not available. The same goes with the seating availability and the foods that will be served.

You should also compare the cost of the various catering halls to ensure you are getting the best deal for your money as well as all the equipment, foods, and services you desire. If you have out of town speakers or guests, learn the distance from the various transportation modes they will be using as well as the cost. In most cases, for speakers it would be in your best interest to provide transportation from the location they arrive, to the conference, and to their lodging accommodations.

The idea of holding a conference in a catering hall are the benefit that you can find such as the equipment that is available, the size of the hall, the location of the hall, and of course the ability to decorate for any occasion. A catering hall usually includes all equipment, podiums, stages, tables, chairs, and food in the price of the total package. Other locations such as hotels may not offer any equipment, which means more searching and more out of pocket money, before you will be ready for the conference.

In the majority of cases, finding and utilizing a catering hall is the best way to ensure your conference goes smoothly.

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