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A birthday event is one of those moments where you child is the center of attention. More often than not they are the center of attention anyway, but this is a bigger reason. To celebrate another year of growth, achievement, and look forward to many more to come is the reason for a big birthday bash. Whether you choose to host the part of your home, or at a catering hall, there are some great birthday themes your child, and guests, will love.

A Princess Ball

If the birthday child is a girl - no matter what age - they will love the thought of going to a regal ball where everyone comes to see the princess. Dressing up is a fun thing to do for little girls and is all the better when they have glass slippers and tiaras. You can decorate in a lavish way while that will give the overall atmosphere one of royalty. Cordial invitations and announcements of names as guests come through the door are another nice touch.

Drivers, Start Your Engines!

For the boy that is celebrating their birthday nothing can say 'fun' more than a race car themed party. During the party there can be opportunities to decorate a wooden car with stickers and other designs, while all getting ready for a grand race at the end. A large wooden ramp will make a great racetrack! Have trophies for several categories and make sure everyone gets one. Your son, and all the other children, will remember this party for a long time.

Indiana Jones Adventures

A great theme that anyone will enjoy is an Indiana Jones type of adventure. Have the children look for clues, to through obstacles and dress up as their favorite adventurer. Hand out trinkets that will aid in their adventure like binoculars, pad and paper, or anything else that can be purchased at a low price.

Give your next birthday party a special theme and you will notice that your child is still smiling for many months afterwards while they remember all the fun that they had.

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