The Pridwin Hotel

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The Pridwin Hotel
The Pridwin is conveniently located on the eastern side of Long Island where its guests can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a weekend for themselves. Here you can relax by the pool, take a stroll through wine country; enjoy walks through the fields or sunny days on the beach. The cottages at Pridwin offer you scenic views with a stunning beauty. Weddings even take place here with the beach at your backdrop and a ceremony for 250 of your closest friends and family.

The details of your wedding have to be perfect and the staff at Pridwin is dedicated to make that day everything that you have ever imagined. The sunset or even the sunrise can serve as the backdrop for the wedding of your dreams. The staff will cater to every detail including recommendations for music, live bands, flowers, hair stylist, and a justice of the peace. Imagine starting your life together at Pridwin and then returning each year to celebrate your anniversary.

Pridwin can be your location for birthdays, family reunions, corporate meetings and the Long Island tradition of wine tasting. With the cottages as the place where you will lay your head you will not be too far from the private pool, the beach and you have access to bicycles for local tours, kayaks and paddle boats for all kinds of outdoor activities. There is also a tennis camp for you to sharpen your skills. Long Island is a wine region where you can stock up on your favorite red or white for the cool months or visit local vineyards.

Weddings on the beach, birthdays by the pool, meetings beneath the stars and weekends away from the office can be a phone call away with Pridwin. Your relaxation can start here.

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The Pridwin Hotel Reviews

  May, 2015
I really love old-fashioned hotels, the kind you step inside and feel like you have traveled back in time to Great Gatsby times. This hotel has exactly that look and feel! In fact, it’s really old, it actually dates back to the 1920s, so it really is a Gatsby era resort. How cool is that? It’s on Shelter Island, which of course is just an incredible place. So much to see and do here, and it’s always our favorite getaway. Our dream was always of a huge wedding with all of our friends and old schoolmates and family there to celebrate with us, and we wanted to make it a real party! So we booked a bunch of rooms in the hotel and decided we would all stay for a few days before me and hubby headed off on our honeymoon overseas. Which was incredible, but believe it or not, the best few days we had were spent right here. The wedding day itself was the most amazing day of course, but the days we spent before and after it here with everyone celebrating were just wonderful. Even though the hotel is really old, everything here is modern and they have all the amenities you could want. There is a very nice lounge, a wonderful restaurant serving first-class gourmet cuisine, a bar where they make mixed drinks to die for, and a gorgeous beach! Our hotel room was lovely and looked out on the beach, which made for a beautiful view and an incredible spot for exchanging our vows! We spent plenty of time partying on the beach, but we also did a lot of other fun activities. They have boats you can rent and a tennis court, live bands, and even cookouts! The catering manager Alissa brought everything together for us. She not only helped us plan the wedding itself, but she also made sure we got all the rooms we needed, that they were located together and were the type we wanted, and told us about all the fun activities we could do while we were here and how to set them up. With her help we were able to plan out our entire stay in advance. If we hadn’t, I know we would have missed out on a lot of fun stuff! We were able to pack a lot more fun into our stay that way. The vibe here is really unique, because it’s balanced right in the middle between comfortably relaxed and fun and energetic. That was just right for us. We got to party with our friends and really get into the experience and have an absolute blast—we had some wild times!—but we also found time for many quiet, private romantic moments in between. Taking in the sunset, relaxing on the beach with a drink, just basking in the warmth of our romance and enjoying the beautiful 1920s atmosphere of the hotel. We got to experience the best of both worlds. Alissa took care of almost all of our arrangements for us. They were either able to do everything in-house or they were able to recommend someone. This saved us so much time. I remember my mom telling me that when she got married, she had to hire a wedding planner! We didn’t have to do that, because Alissa was our wedding planner. How cool is that? I always thought the whole wedding planning process was going to be a lot different, and a whole lot more complicated. It really amazes me that we were able to put together a big party like this for hundreds of people with so much ease. The cocktail hour on the beautiful deck was incredible, and we loved the dinner and the dance party. They recommended a great DJ who was perfect for us! Great setlist! I never would have thought that our dream wedding would be … such a dream! But it was a dream come true, because we chose to come here to this amazing place. You wouldn’t believe how many of our guests told us they wished they’d been able to get married here. Everybody had so much fun. It was a blast!

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  February, 2015
We were married last fall at the Pridwin Hotel. There are a lot of lovely spots on Shelter Island that we looked into; we were sure we wanted Shelter Island, but beyond that, we didn’t have many firm ideas in mind. We looked at big venues and small ones, places with tons of reviews and spots we’d never heard of, and ultimately we ended up choosing this hotel. Why? Part of it was the reviews, yes; Pridwin is one of the better-known spots on Shelter Island. But what really sold us was Alissa. While we were talking to the event coordinators at the other venues, we noticed all sorts of problems with their attitudes. Either they weren’t willing to hear us out on what we needed and thought our ideas were too complicated, or they seemed like they weren’t really focused or on-task. Or they tried to sell us huge packages we couldn’t afford. Alissa was a breath of fresh air after all of that. She was polite, attentive, and showed us nothing but friendliness and enthusiasm. We knew immediately we could trust her with our wedding. Her attitude was such a sharp difference from what we’d been putting up with on the phone with the rest that we didn’t even want to think about checking out any more venues. We were settled; Pridwin was it! We set up an appointment to take the tour in person and loved every inch of this amazing hotel. In particular, we really loved the deck overlooking the bay! You’re up above the bay so that you get a great view looking out. There was plenty of room for our guests to celebrate there and down on the lawn below. The atmosphere is really unique and the hotel itself is beautiful. It has an old-fashioned look to it which reminds me of some other world-class hotels I’ve stayed at on vacation before in a couple different locations. The lobby is gorgeous, by the way! It has this real feeling of openness, and the décor is rustic and has a nice “beach” vibe. It’s so charming. Here they are willing to work with any vendors you want to hire, or you can let them set things up for you. They have a list of vendors they work with for flowers, music, photography, and even hairdressing! There’s so much to choose from when you plan your wedding menu, which was one of the funnest parts in my opinion! I loved the d’oeuvres. Sushi rolls—as good as any Japanese restaurant in town—fig wraps, and some kind of salmon cucumber thing that is hard to describe but it was so good! Awesome little miniature burgers. Scallops. Can’t remember the rest. It was a while ago now of course, but it was all amazing. Can’t say how many of our guests were like, “This is the best cocktail party ever.” For dinner they had fresh local fish with pecans. Very nicely prepared and tender. Not too fishy. Perfect. And yes, I got to eat it, thanks to my amazing bridal attendant, who made sure that I got to the dinner in time and actually sat down and ate. For dessert they made us a cake to order. It was the tastiest cake I ever ate. Seriously. This chef may be a genius. The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with Pridwin. It’s a big place, but by no means is it impersonal. It’s ideal if you have a lot of guests you are looking to entertain, you want delicious food, amazing service, and a gorgeous Shelter Island location. Be sure that when you call, you ask for Alissa.

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  December, 2014
It’s hard to beat this place for location. It’s right on the water on Shelter Island, and they have plenty of acreage here and a lot of greenery. The feeling is one of seclusion, like you’ve gotten far away from the bustle of city life. The views of the bay are just lovely, and they have huge lawns where you can spread out and have a good time. Be sure to plan ahead though, because this is a seasonal place and they close for the winter fairly early in the year. We had read up on this place online before we contacted Alissa. We loved what we were seeing in the photographs; it was exactly the atmosphere we were looking for, and we had a lot of guests flying in to attend, so it was just common sense to go with a hotel. We didn’t want a big chain hotel though! We wanted some place that was unique to the area and really captures what it’s like to live on Long Island. Alissa was outstanding to plan with! She had a list of suggestions ready for us for vendors, and helped set us up with a DJ, a florist, and even a hair stylist. She was just bounding with enthusiasm right from word go, and she helped us schedule a date that would work for everyone. At first we were planning on getting married off the grounds and just doing the reception here, but we ended up deciding to just do it all here. It seemed easier, and it was, and besides, you really can’t beat the view of the bay, which was wonderful, especially with the phenomenal weather we got on the day of the wedding! We even ate dinner outside, which was a lot of fun! Speaking of food, the dinner is incredible. You get hors d’oeuvres, platters and stations soups, salads, delicious main courses and sides, and amazing desserts. They had a lot of choices for dessert, more than we noticed on other venue menus when we were shopping around. We got a wedding cake of course, but we also picked a couple of the other amazing desserts. For the entrees, we went with the fish of the day, a chicken dish, and the filet mignon. The filet mignon was outstanding. I wish so much I could have tried everything! Oh yeah, and I can’t forget about the appetizers. The most amazing scallops I have ever eaten. Like I mentioned, we did choose this place in part because it’s a hotel, and we stayed in one of the cottages while we were here. Our room had lovely hardwood walls and modern décor. And best of all, we had a view of the bay out the windows! It was very romantic; they really put us in the most amazing spot! This hotel was quite a find, and we are very glad that we didn’t just pick the first wedding venue we looked at, but kept browsing. It took us a while to find them, and they don’t have as many reviews as some other places, but this is probably because they are seasonal and not everyone can manage to schedule a wedding here. I promise you though, it is worth it. Plan for a summer wedding and book a reservation as early as you can. You will be so happy you did!

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