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Planning any event is a fun but tiring experience, since there are so many things to accomplish to pull off the best party ever. Turing a drab catering hall into a wonderland, circus, casino, or whatever you desire is a feat that takes a lot of hard work to accomplish. This guide should help you with a few ideas on decorating the catering hall from the ceiling, to the entire room, to a wedding altar. Remember, these are just a few ideas, use your imagination along with tips to create a memorable event.

Walking into a few venues and looking up you will only see a bare ceiling in some cases you may even seen rafters. This may be a nightmare in disguise if you have no idea where to start.

To start decorating the ceiling you will need fabric of you color choice or crepe paper, strands lights of some type (many use Christmas lights of one color or multi-colored), safety pins, and tape if you are using paper.

The first step is to plug in the lights using extension cords. You want the lights to begin at the center of the ceiling, not travel up the wall. You will need to hang the lights at the center of the ceiling. You may have to use a small nail if there are no ceiling panels. Ceiling panels are great, as you can just push a couple of lights inside the panel and this will hold them in place. Make sure that the lights are securely in place by tugging on them just a bit.

Next, you will use the fabric or crepe paper. Tie the ends of the fabric or paper together on one end. Attach to the lights in the center of the ceiling. Now, grab a strand of the lights and one strand of fabric or paper. Lightly twist and move outward from the center about fifteen to twenty feet. Attach at this location. Do this all the way around with the various strands. Of course before you start decorating you will need to know how many strands you want and how you want them positioned on the ceiling or your creation will not come out even and will be as beautiful as you might have imagined.

Of course, there are many different ways in which to decorate the ceiling for any event. Consider balloons that dangle down from the ceiling. You can easily tape the strings on the balloons to the ceiling itself for a magical display. The strings should be of different lengths to create a stunning atmosphere.

Think about theme. You can use all kinds of things and hang them from the ceiling including cutouts of the sun, moon, clouds, stars, etc…. You can even create clouds from various fabrics to hang down from the ceiling.

Want a starlit night? Hang black sheets across the ceiling. Now, use shiny gold and silver paper. Cut out stars and take strings to the star. Tape the other end of the string to the black sheet. Remember to use strings of various lengths so you create a magical starlit night in the middle of catering hall. Of course, the lighting must be right to pull of the occasion.

Streamers are great as they can also be used similar to the first illustration with the Christmas lights, only you do not have to use lights. Streamers can be taped and dangle down, be twisted and taped wherever and can even go down the walls in special areas to create an awesome effect. Consider the stage. You may have streamers on the ceiling, but desire the focal point to be the stage. If so, lead the guests eyes to the stage by placing the streamers from the center of the ceiling to the corner of the stage, preferably at the back of the stage out of the way. The same can be done with lights or other decorations.

The idea is to create a beautiful room that all blends well together from the ceiling to the floor. If you are using a fiesta theme you will not want to have clouds dangling from the ceiling. The idea is to blend all decorations to create the type of atmosphere you desire for your event.

Want elegance, use stars, moons, etc… Want fun use balloons and streamers. Want romance use flowers and lights. Get the idea. You can create any type of atmosphere with the right decorations. Have fun and let your imagination create a wonderland that all guests will be thrilled to have seen.

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