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Catering is basically the business of providing food or a food service to a site other than in a restaurant or other dining entity. Catering can take on a variety of venues, however the trade is usually relegated to two categories --- mobile catering or event catering.
Mobile catering refers to caterers who serve food from a vehicle (or a cart) that is specifically designed for the purpose of providing food to customers who come to the vehicle or cart. Characteristically, mobile caterers are found in one of three venues:

  • business districts

  • outdoor events

  • workplaces (e.g. construction sites)

Event catering can be anything from a box lunch drop-off to a full-service event. Typically, when we refer to a caterer we mean a person who serves food (sometimes with a staff of helpers) by virtue of a self-serve buffet or at dining tables. The food can be brought to the event already prepared or the caterer can prepare it at the event. If you visit the catering directory online for Long Island, you will see that the majority of the caterers work either way.

Usually, when the caterer is accompanied by staff members they are responsible for setting up the event and then serving the food. Generally speaking, they do not prepare the food. Normally, you will see this sort of operation at banquets, conventions, or weddings. Anytime food is served like this at an event, as well as drinks and possibly hors d'oeuvres, it is referred to as a catered affair or catered event.

The use of color schemes and different themes are fairly standard when it comes to a catered event. Most caterers in Long Island specialize in doing this and this is often expected as part of their service. They not only have to know how to prepare the food, but they should be able to make the presentation attractive as well.

Your finer caterers are well-versed at preparing an attractive presentation as well as food that is flavorful. It is not uncommon to see a catering staff decorate the room in which the event is taking place from table settings to include even the type of lighting that is used to set whatever mood they are trying to attain.

The premise is that catering is meant to satisfy the client’s senses overall, not just their pallets. With a properly prepared atmosphere, the caterer can make the event a memorable one and turn an ordinary or common occasion into a very special event that will be the subject of discussion for years to come. Tastefully prepared food will no doubt appeal to the sense of sight, smell, and taste. It may even appeal to the touch, but ambiance and décor will always be a major factor in the success or failure of any type of catered event.

For more information on catering, check your local Long Island phone book or visit several catering sites online to see what is available.

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