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The rehearsal dinner is an important part of the wedding process. It is celebrated throughout the United States and is also observed in Canada. The dinner can be quite elaborate with invitations sent out to everyone, but it does not have to be. It can be a simple supper with laughs and wine flowing.

The dinner may incorporate the wedding rehearsal into it or not. It depends on the type of wedding plans you have set up. The rehearsal dinner can be held days before the wedding, but it is becoming more and more common to have it the night before the big day.

The purpose of the dinner is for the bride and groom to thank their guests for attending the wedding. In addition, there is food served which for the bride and groom is a necessary part of their hectic wedding day. The wedding will start hours before the I Do’s actually take place so a dinner where the bride and groom can relax and eat is a great thing to have.

The dinner is generally paid for by the groom’s parents. Today this is not always the case. It may be part of the wedding budget or the parents of both the bride and groom may split the payment of the dinner.

Once the dinner is served and bellies are full, that is when the fun begins. Toasts will be made by members of each family and close friends. Those who helped with the planning of the dinner, the reception, and the wedding will be thanked. Also small gifts from the bride and groom may be given to the guests as a token of their appreciation.

The rehearsal dinner does not have to be a part of your wedding celebration. If you are unsure of having the event, you can always talk to family including your soon to be mother in law. In most instances, she will be very happy that you asked her advice on the rehearsal dinner, since your mother will be planning the wedding with you. This gives you the chance to include your mother in law and possibly become closer.

The invitations for your rehearsal dinner are just as important as the ones for your actual wedding. They are sent off before the actual wedding ones are, but they have a plain or simple look instead of elegant. They can even be sent through the internet or by email to the out of town guests on your guest list.

Rehearsal dinners can be held at a catering hall, hotel, church, club, or any other place that you deem appropriate. The groom or bride’s home can also be used if the guest list is small and the homes can be accommodating. Outdoor dinners are also quite popular for the home-style rehearsal dinners.

Wedding rehearsals are great times for relaxation and thank you announcements to your guests. They can also be used so that bridesmaids, groomsmen and other guest know their place at the wedding. How the dinner plays out is up to you. Remember it is your special day and every detail should reflect you and your husband to be.

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