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Posted by Amanda

One of the privileges of hosting a family reunion is that you can sort of dictate the feeling of it. Family reunions are all about getting together, retelling stories, and rebuilding relationships that have been strained because of distance or time. Each year thousands of families get together for a large party to do these things. As you get ready for your next family reunion, where should the ultimate focus be?

As stated, a family reunion is a chance for families to come together again in a large group setting. Perhaps some of these family members have not seen each other in several years, have had families of their own, or been away in the military or living in another country for awhile. The family reunion is the perfect opportunity to rebridge these relationships and create more memories together.

So, what should be main attraction, or the main focus be for your family reunion? If you are hosting, planning, and preparing your family's time together you should focus on the relational aspect rather than the entertaining aspect. You can do this through setting up round tables, using name cards to show seating, and having some pictures of past family events for conversation starters.

Make your next family reunion a time to remember, and build strong relationships, by focusing on the relational aspect rather than the "over the top" type of games and entertainment.

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