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The wedding of your dreams has to be planned and thought out carefully. You first have to decide where it will be held. You can fly around the world to Paris and say your vows there. A wedding in your hometown is another idea. You can even get married on the beach, at a church, outdoors at a park, or in a catering hall. Maybe the first place that you went on a date can be the site for your “I Do’s”. It could happen. Museums and libraries can accommodate large parties as well. The idea is find that special location that will give both of your memories for a lifetime.

The wedding ceremony has many different popular versions, which can include civil, military, religious, and the ever popular non-traditional. A religious ceremony requires a pastor or priest, but it can be performed anywhere. You can even have it in your home and possibly write your own vows. With the religious ceremony, you can pick where you say “I Do” so it becomes an intimate gathering with the couple, their friends, and family.

With a civil wedding a judge or Justice of the Peace performs the ceremony. You can read the vows that are offered, or simply write your own for a more personal and sentimental approach. Sometimes writing the vows says more than reading ones that was created as a generic option for all couples. Generally, a civil ceremony is performed in front of a small group of close friends and family, although arrangements can be made for a larger ceremony.

If you or your partner is a part of the military, then you can have a military ceremony. The military chapel will serve as the destination and the official marrying you will be dressed appropriately in military clothing. The ceremony is of an intimate setting with just close friends and family. At the end of the ceremony, the newlywed couple will walk under an archway of swords created by the surrounding officers.

When a ceremony is of the non-traditional nature, it gives the couple more freedom. It closely resembles the likeness of a civil ceremony with accents of religion. A non-traditional ceremony gives the couple the opportunity to choose who will perform the ceremony. You will also be able to have your say with the location of your wedding and the handwritten vows.

The best approach to a wedding ceremony is to talk it over with your husband-to-be. This way both parties can actively participate in every aspect of the wedding and the day will be a dream wedding for the both of you.

If you and your spouse have different religious backgrounds then this may create a problem on your wedding day. You can incorporate both religions into the ceremony or pick one to dominate the ceremony. Aspects of each religion can be used so that the bride and groom achieve having their beliefs added to the special day. Some couples opt for a traditional wedding where no one religion is showcased. A wedding is about discussion and compromise. It is the first step to being a happily married couple.

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