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Wedding receptions are the party that follows the big day. This is where the new couple has their first dance, the cutting of the cake and gets to celebrate their new lives in front of their friends. It is also the time before the happy couple goes on their honeymoon.

The reception can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. It is the part where you and your guests sit down for a great meal, listen to music, and dance the night away.

Your first step to a great reception is to find a place to have it. That can be the hardest part. Some couples get lucky and have their reception at the same location as their wedding. If you are not this lucky, then you can have a reception at a hall, club, museum, or other destination.

When choosing a place you must make sure that it is large enough to first hold your guests and second make sure they have room to dance. Dancing is what you do at the reception. You can hire a DJ for this or use a band. Even a stereo and CD’s work if you are on a budget.

A DJ can spin records all night whereas a band plays the songs live. Certain songs should be played that reflect when the bride and groom met, what song they first kissed to, and other first songs that will make the night special are always a nice touch. Have the band learn the songs so that everything goes off without a hitch.

The next part of the reception is the catering of the event. Some locations that you choose may have caterers or chefs on hand. Local caterers can also be used and you can find ones that specifically cater to your needs if you require special menus. You will want to include the cost of the food in your budget and make sure each guest has choices to eat.

A wedding planner may make things easier for you and the groom. They take the guesswork and stress out of planning for the reception. If you do not have one then you can plan the details of your reception by yourself. You have to find the right spot, the placement of the tables, the drinks, music, and the decorations.

You have to arrange for how the reception will go from start to finish as well. You will need times for when the party starts, finishes, when the meals are to be introduced and when the cake will be cut. In addition, the speeches from the best man and matron of honor have to be worked into the planning. Do not forget the first dance between husband and wife and the dance with the bride and her father.

Receptions are the introduction of the happy couple. This will be the first place that you get to show up as newlyweds. It has to be special. You get to dance the night away at the reception and enjoy the company of your friends and family. It is a night that you will not soon forget.

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