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Wedding rehearsal dinners are the party the night before the wedding. The groom’s parents are generally the ones throwing the party for the bride and groom. This can be just a simple dinner where everyone eats and laughs or a rehearsal for the big day to come.

The dinner can be a rehearsal where each person learns where to be at the wedding and what part he or she may play during the wedding. For those that do not wish to have a rehearsal dinner then the dinner becomes a night where toasts are made and stories are told about the bride and groom.

The dinner’s location can be held just about anywhere. A hotel or catering hall are great choices. Each guest gets to tell stories about the happy couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness. Also, since both families are invited to the rehearsal dinner it gives them time to get to know one another over great food and drinks.

Another great part of the dinner is the gift giving. Some couples do not have bridal showers so the rehearsal dinner gives their guests a chance to shower them with gifts.

What is the theme of your wedding? It should translate over to the dinner. You can have the dinner casual with simple finger foods and drinks or fancy with several dishes served by a catering service. You can even do take out while everyone is wearing pajamas. The dinner should reflect you and the groom, not everyone else’s tastes.

So, you have the place where the dinner will be held and the type of food that you want, but who do you put on the guest list? Of course, the families of the bride and groom are there. The wedding party is invited and encouraged to bring a guest of their own, which is generally a date. You can have the dinner for just family or friends or even one where the out of town guests are invited.

The after wedding reception can be the one where everyone is invited if you wish to keep the dinner simple. These decisions are up to you. Make it special and something that you will remember forever. You can have dinners that include themes that resemble the wedding or others that focus on types of food and even a special event between the bride and groom. BBQ’s and bowling parties are two great ideas.

One of the most memorable parts of a rehearsal dinner is the toasts. These can be funny stories about the bride and groom or ones that make everyone cry. They are not tears of sadness, but of joy of the day to come. The bride and groom toast their families and the groom’s day will generally kick things off. Then the bride’s family takes their turn.

Your rehearsal dinner relies on the imagination of the bride and groom. You can be as creative as you like and not have to go with a traditional style dinner. Anything is possible and the theme of your wedding can even be incorporated into the dinner.

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