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A bridal shower and a wedding go hand in hand. The bridal shower and its activities originally came about during the second half of the 19th century. Its location was in Brussels, Belgium. Today it is celebrated everywhere by brides, close friends, and families.

A bridal shower is a great way for the bride-to-be to take some time off from planning the wedding and have fun. The bridal party showcases the bride and it is meant to be her day to shine. Waiting for the wedding can be almost as stressful as planning for it, so having a bridal shower makes the wait more enjoyable and provides a fun break for the bride, her family, and friends.

A bridal shower is planned by a bridesmaid, matron of honor, or best friend. It can also be planned by the bride or the groom’s mother. The party is generally one for just women, but it is becoming more and more common for the groom and his friends to be a part of the festivities.

Bridal showers can be a casual get together at one’s home, which gives the bride time to relax. They can also be held as formal events held at a local venue, restaurant, or a catering hall. The location of the party may even offer bride and groom parties.

Bridal parties equal fun. That is the point of having one. It is one of the last parties that the bride or groom will enjoy before marriage. Every detail has to be perfectly planned and once the party starts there are games, food, gifts, and advice for the marriage, the bride, and her future.

Bridal shower gifts can range from gifts for the bride to gifts for the groom. They also can be ones to use on the honeymoon, like lingerie, or after with gifts for the couple and their home.

When planning a shower, a party, or a wedding, a supply store is a good place to visit. There you can pick a theme for the wedding shower and buy the according party decorations. Do not forget to pick up plates, silverware, cups, game ideas, and gifts, as those things will make the party spectacular and memorable.

The bridal shower invitations can be sent out just as the wedding invitations were. The only difference is that the shower invitations are more fun looking and vibrant while the wedding invites are elegant looking. This gives you the freedom to use color and shape to have invitations that are fun.

Another thing with the invites is that they, like the party, must have a theme. It is a good idea to match the party to the wedding by theme or color. Think of where the honeymoon will take place, like Las Vegas, and use that as the theme.

Bridal invitations are just as important as the wedding invites. They will be kept as a memento by the newlywed couple as something that they can look upon in the future for memories. A nice poem or simple paragraph is the perfect start for the invitations.

Utilize the internet for bridal shower suggestions, including every detail of the event and shower planners that can help make your special day even more so with a bridal party.

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