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Posted by Amanda

As people were tuning into MTV's "My Super Sweet 16", everyone wants to do a Sweet 16 bigger and better so that their daughter can have great and grand memories. But because of costs this is sometimes easier said, than done. How can you have a great sweet sixteen bash without breaking the bank?

One of the most important parts of your sweet sixteen party is the actual place where you will hold the festivities. A catering hall, that includes food, dance floor, band or DJ are the first things to come to mind. However, you must make sure that you locate the right hall for your needs. In some instances you can get the same type of party at a smaller hall or party area than a larger catering hall in a resort.

The next part of the party that everyone will be looking forward to is the actual theme. The money saved by not having your grand party at a country club or catering hall can be used to completely transform any room into any theme you like. This is done by using lighting effects and other decorations to create the atmosphere you want. Just imagine the possibilities, it could be a winter wonderland, a club, a beach, or anything else you can imagine.

After those two main points, the food is the next consideration. It is important that the food is not something that is going to be put together at the last minute. You will want to make sure that the caterers have a wide variety of "finger foods" or a selection of entrees if you want to provide a large meal. However, for most parties of this type a variety of smaller appetizers and "finger foods" is best overall.

Take these tips into consideration when planning your daughter's sweet sixteen party and you will see that you can have a great party while also saving a lot of money.

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