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Posted by Amanda

Whether you need a caterer for your wedding or annual New Year's bash, it's important to find the perfect catering company that can provide the cuisine, food presentation, and overall ambiance you are looking for. To make sure that you get the best caterer - for your money and the event itself - there are some things that you should ask them before.

1. Is there any special foods that they can prepare?

This is important if you are looking to have a specific type of food at your party or event. They should provide you with a few sample menus that you can look through if you are unsure of the food to choose.

2. What is your average price range?

You should take the time to find out if the costs are going to be itemized depending on the food you select or if there's an all-inclusive rate. You will also want to ask if the cost includes gratuity, taxes, and other additional costs.

3. Will the catering service provide the wait staff?

Whether you are having the event at your home or a banquet hall, find out how many wait staff they recommend for an event of your size. Most reputable caterers will use their own wait staff even if the site has serving personnel available.

4. Where Will Food be Prepared?

Some catering companies have their own kitchens and business set up where they can prepare much of the food before they get to your home or event hall. Others will have to set up some type of cooking station if the food has to be prepared on site. Find out the specifics of this before hiring, as it could make a big difference in if they are able to cook on site or not.

These questions are important to finding the best caterer for your event. Take some time to ask these questions before hiring the caterer.

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