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American Air Power Museum
Sixty-five years ago, the current home of the American Airpower Museum was a crucial part of aircraft manufacturing for our nation’s military—the complex produced over 9,000 P-47 Thunderbolts in Farmingdale. The "Jug", as it was lovingly nicknamed for its massive assembly line construction, went on to defeat the best pilots in the German Luftwaffe. Today, no American aviation museum with a squadron of operational World War II aircrafts has a more appropriate setting for its flight operations. Now you can plan your next event anniversary, wedding, corporate outing, or other celebration at the American Airpower Museum and take a walk through history in an authentic WWII airplane hangar. Planes move around or can be stationed outside (weather permitting) to allow the perfect set up for your very special event. Your guests can see these “warbirds” up close, and the guests of honor can even arrange special flight experiences.

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American Air Power Museum Reviews

  July, 2015
Our daughter loves airplanes and hopes she’ll be a jet pilot when she grows up. She can’t get enough of model airplanes and paper planes, and this museum is her very favorite place to visit. She begs us to go here almost every other weekend it seems like. They have new exhibits pretty regularly, so usually there is something new to see. We found out this year that they do birthday parties. We planned this as an extra special surprise for her. Janet was the name of the contact here who set it all up for us. We got hold of her really fast and she was really prompt replying to all of our questions. It’s an all-in-one package so it’s really easy to do. It’s also really affordable. We paid under $400 for our daughter and a bunch of her friends. That fee included pizza, cupcakes, and even the invitations for the party. They had a separate fee for a cake which was not too expensive, so we went ahead and ordered that as well (it made it all that much easier!). We also got a server who helped us to make sure that everyone was taken care of. Would have been a lot of work on our own. We had to pay extra for our own food, but that was all right. It was still pretty reasonable all told. We ordered the C-47 plane tour as well. It was a really cheap add-on, and all the kids had fun with that and thought it was really cool. For the child who loves learning and aviation, you are not going to find a cooler party idea! She got to hang out at her favorite place and show all her friends her favorite airplanes and exhibits, and of course the C-47 with a special treat. Even if it had been more expensive, it would still have been completely worth it just to see her face light up when she figured out where we were driving to. It was tough keeping it a secret (we had to distribute the invitations to the parents so none of the kids would know and tell her). But I’m really glad we did. She’s still telling us that it was the best party she ever had, and is begging us to do it again next year, and I think we will.

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  March, 2015
First off, if you’re into aviation, the AAM is just about the coolest place you can go! They have some really amazing old planes in their collection. The Thunderbolt is awesome, and I just love the Prowler. They also do air shows every year. We made it out to one a couple of years ago, and it was one of the best I’ve seen. I’ve been to a couple dozen, and my dad actually has flown in a few, so I know what I’m talking about here! The flight experiences are amazing, by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at any aviation museum. You can go up in a historical aircraft, and even do a D-Day re-enactment. Let me tell you, that was a day to remember! I’ve never done anything even remotely like it before, and it really gave me a new appreciation for what our heroes went through! Anyway, you can also rent the AAM for your private event, which was what I was getting around to talking about! They do kids’ parties, corporate parties, everything—even weddings, I think. We chose to bring our employees here. A lot of the guys at work are big into aviation, and most of them had been to the museum more than once, and love coming here at the drop of a hat. So we didn’t even really consider any other options after we found out that the museum does do private events! The event went off just as planned without a hitch, and we had a really great time throwing it all together. The staff were very accommodating and willing to let us pretty much do what we wanted, and they also had lots of activities for everyone. We had a lot of families coming, and they were awesome with the kids. You really are not going to come up with a more fun option for a corporate party, especially if you’re in defense or another related field. The museum provides your party with an instant theme, lots to see and do, and a guarantee that nobody will be bored. The all-in-one package also saved us money since we didn’t need to worry about entertainment or anything. This place is all the entertainment you need. So if you haven’t been to the museum, check it out. If you’re planning a party, you’ve found the perfect choice. And if you are just looking for something amazing to do with a day off, you’ve found that too.

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  August, 2014
We hosted a corporate party here and had a great time. We thought of it because a lot of the guys at work are into aviation, and it seemed like a cool idea. Something a little different, and something that the families could enjoy. We had fun just checking out the venue! The staff were amazing and did a great job setting the place up to accommodate everyone. The exhibits are amazing, and the event had a great ambiance because of all the history they have here. The guys at the office are still talking about it and so are my kids. I’m definitely going to talk to Janet about a kids’ party for my son’s upcoming birthday.

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