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Hydrangea Farm and Gardens

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1535 New Suffolk Rd.,
Cutchogue, NY 11935 (Map)
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If your wedding, anniversary party or other special event visions and dreams include beautiful flowers that wake up all of your senses, nature, lush green pastures, privacy, and a feeling of yesteryear sentimental simplicity, then look no further than Hydrangea Farm and Gardens. Located in Suffolk County's Cutchogue, Hydrangea Farm and Gardens is a family run farm specializing in growing hydrangeas for cut flowers.

Why hydrangeas? Because they are arguably one of the most beautiful and versatile of flowers, and are always festive. Whatever the colors you choose for your wedding or special event, there is sure to be a hydrangea bouquet to match with its palette ranging from pure bridal white, to the softest of pink and lave Read More »

Hydrangea Farm and Gardens Reviews

Date posted: January 28, 2015
Review: I just had an incredible time at a wedding I attended over at Salt Air Farm. It was my friend’s wedding, and we weren’t very close friends, so I didn’t expect to have that amazing a time since I only know so many people in her social circles, but it was something to do, and she is a sweetie, so I showed. I’m really glad I did! Because I’m right in the beginning stages of planning my own wedding, and I know without question now that this is where I’m going to have it. She made my decision so easy. No need to tour venues or do all kinds of research. I know exactly what I can expect if I get married here, because I stayed for the entire party, and it was amazing! The farm is a really gorgeous place. They have a big open lawn which you can use for whatever you want. You can set up tents and dine outdoors, and you can also plan activities and make use of all that space. They have a real croquet court! I had never seen one before, and my friend opted to have croquet as one of her wedding party activities. It was really fun and something different to do. I never did anything like that at another wedding party before. I never even heard of anything like that. There were plenty of other cool activities you could do with all that space. This place is sometimes called “Hydrangea Farm.” I couldn’t figure out for sure whether that’s the proper name of the farm or whether it’s Salt Air Farm. In any case, the “Hydrangea Farm” name is quite fitting. We were surrounded by colorful flowers and fruit trees. Oh yeah, they had fruit picking too! I forgot that was one of the activities. I had fresh fruit in my fruit bowl at home for days afterward. I thought that was a really cute thing to do! Recently I wrote my friend and asked her some questions about what it was like to put the event together. She told me that the staff were wonderful to work with (which I can readily believe, just based on my memories of how friendly everyone was who helped out with the event), and she told me she was able to use the farm’s own florist, which was really convenient! I clearly remember the flowers and thinking that someone had done a terrific job. So there you go with that aspect. I think the two main reasons I want to have my wedding here are 1-the beautiful scenery, and 2-having the space to actually do stuff. While I want to do all the traditional stuff like the cocktail party and the dinner and everything, I really want my wedding to be different and include some fun activities that everyone can participate in. This is the first and only wedding I’ve been to like that, where there was more than just drinking, eating and chatting and dancing. It was really memorable, and even though it’s been months now, I can still recall a lot of details about how fun the day was. I am so looking forward to getting in contact with the venue owners and getting my own day reserved! I just know it’s going to be a terrific, one-of-a-kind experience!

Date posted: November 1, 2014
Review: An outdoor wedding was always our ideal; we never even considered doing anything indoors. We enjoyed visiting a lot of venues, but every time we came away with the same thought: “This is beautiful, but it all feels too put-together.” This is a bit hard to explain maybe, but it was like most venues were just too cultivated. We wanted to do it in a spot where things felt a little more natural, less planned, more spontaneous. This is a farm and not a cultivated garden, but there are tons of flowers everywhere and fruit trees, and it’s extraordinarily beautiful! Of course, it is also “put together,” but as a farm first, venue second, so it does have that feel of spontaneity. Not that a ton of planning didn’t go into the event, but in our photos you get the feeling our wedding party just drove up to this beautiful farm and had a spontaneous party. They always look for ways they can use the rustic feel of the environment as part of the décor. For example, putting their beautiful wildflowers inside old watering cans. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. You would never see that at your typical wedding venue, and that’s that type of “spontaneity” I mean. Also very fun was the fruit picking! Yes, that was actually an activity at our wedding! We all had a wonderful time choosing ripe fruit from the trees, and all of our guests had a nice bounty to take home with them afterwards. The fruit were amazingly delicious, very juicy and bursting with flavor. Much tastier than anything you’ll get at the grocery store by a mile! It is a very fun, romantic location, and if you are looking for something different, something that feels more “authentic” than the typical wedding venue where everything suffers from what I would call “overproduction,” you are in the right place. The farm atmosphere is incredible, and everybody is so helpful!

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