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Ocean Bleu Beachfront Catering
Enjoy true seaside glamour with a breathtaking once-in-a-lifetime wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or special celebration overlooking the magnificent sand and surf of the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Oceanbléu’s soaring ceilings, grand pillars, magnificent jeweled chandelier and twenty-foot windows set the stage for your dream celebration. Turn your event into a full weekend or overnight experience with accommodations in the hotel’s stylishly eclectic guest rooms. And, exclusive caterer, Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs will do more than help you design the perfect celebratory event menu; they’ll provide you with the meticulous attention to detail necessary to create an event perfected. Naturally, your guests will marvel at Oceanbleu’s sweeping views of the Atlantic seascape, but have no doubt, that your creative menu selections, brilliant presentation and spot-on service will leave them spellbound.
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Oceanbleu Reviews

  August, 2015
If glam is what you’re looking for in a wedding, this place is where you want to be. I asked around for wedding suggestions from all my friends before I started working on our plans, and about four or five different people all mentioned Oceanbleu. And when I started describing the beach wedding of my dreams that I had always wanted to have to one person, she kept saying over and over, “Then you HAVE to have your wedding at Oceanbleu! You have to!” When I went to see what it was all about, I had to agree, there was only ever really one option! Now I can’t imagine having gotten married anywhere else. We got to say our vows right there on the beach with the waves rolling in behind us. What’s beautiful and unique about this place is that you get the pillars and the chandeliers and that upscale look and feel, but it never gets pretentious. There’s still that laid-back beach vibe at the same time. And all of these elements are beautifully worked together. Basically it was everything that we wanted, all in one place. We are so happy that we got to marry in such a beautiful place. We were spoiled by the staff the entire time we were here, and it’s so hard to go back to the ordinary world now that it’s all in the past. I still hear myself humming songs we played and closing my eyes, trying to go back there. Sometimes I don’t even notice I’m doing it until my husband asks me what’s up! He tells me he does it all the time too. We already miss Oceanbleu!

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  June, 2015
We always dreamed of a wedding on Long Island, and were married here at Oceanbleu while staying at The Ocean Resort. We were on the fence for a long time about whether we were going to stay in our hometown to get married, travel to the state where most of my relatives live, the state where all of my husband’s relatives live, or go somewhere else altogether. Since we figured out that pretty much any of those options were going to be inconvenient for a large number of people, we decided to just go with what we really wanted, and that was to travel somewhere we’d always wanted to go to get married! And the place we both had always wanted to visit was Long Island. The Ocean Resort is quite a place, and Oceanbleu is terrific! William, Allison, and the rest of the team at Oceanbleu were just so nice and helpful in every way. They made sure that the planning was easy, that everything was coordinated with the hotel, and that on our wedding day we had everything we could possibly want or need from sunup to sundown. Whether it was out of this world food, a drink, an emergency need for a safety pin, or anything else you could ask for, they brought it all at the drop of a hat. Really really incredible service, unlike anything I have ever experienced anywhere else. And you know what? This isn’t my first wedding. And the first one didn’t even begin to compare to this! I want to talk a bit about the entire event! So, William took care of everything when it came to transportation, guest rooms, etc. etc., not just the wedding itself. There was someone there to pick us up when we arrived, and when we checked into our suite, I could not get over how beautiful it was or how incredible the view was! Just outstanding! We could see the ocean right from our room, so romantic. They have their own marina and everything here, and an absolutely gorgeous, perfect beach. We got so excited just looking around and touring the place while we met up with all our relatives and old friends! You wouldn’t believe how many people we heard gasping as they showed up and saw what an amazing place it was. People kept telling us over and over again that we had picked the perfect spot and they were so thrilled. One of the many great things about this hotel which was a factor in why we picked it is the spa and salon they have right here on site. They were able to get my hair and makeup ready on my wedding day. It was so nice having someone to do all of that for me, and no driving required! That probably let me get an extra hour of sleep that morning (though I still wound up awake early with the happy jitters). My hair came out looking even more amazing than I thought was possible. I’d only had my hair done up professionally a couple other times, and they were both pretty, but seriously nothing compared to the elegant do they gave me! And my makeup looked great, nicely airbrushed and again very elegant, but not at all too heavy. It still showed up well in my photos though, and helped to bring out my eyes. I tend to look kind of washed-out on photos, so this was a major concern. The lady who did my makeup must have figured it out though, because she did exactly the right thing! I wasn’t the only one who availed myself of the salon either. A few of my bridesmaids and some of my other guests used them too that day, and we came back to the spa later in our stay for a massage and a manicure and it was all great! We got to get the massage outside with an ocean view. I can’t remember ever being more relaxed. We got married on the beach! It was so amazing! The weather was pristine. It was windy that day, but that actually ended up being perfect for our photos with my veil blowing back and everything, very dramatic! It was just such a romantic setting, I was having a hard time holding back tears of joy. Really really amazing. Our cocktail hour was outside as well, which gave us more time to soak in the amazing ocean scenery and the fresh air and the warm breeze. I have never had hors d’ouvres like these before. They serve up a ton of seafood, and their recipes were so original and creative. My favorites were the tuna on the yucca chips and the coconut shrimp. Also that pecan chicken with the honey mustard. Wow! And the cocktails? Some of the best I’ve ever had! I had a frozen drink that was absolutely amazing! Our dinner was inside in the ballroom. Some of the most amazing food I’d ever eaten once again, really great halibut. I am a big seafood fan, and these guys do some incredible seafood. Their restaurant is really amazing too of course. It was so great eating there over our honeymoon. It wasn’t quite as great as the wedding feast of course, but it was still really good food! This was an amazing experience, and I am super glad we decided to do it after all. We got out and saw a lot of the local landmarks and parks, as many as we could, but we looked forward to coming back each night to the hotel, and we spent a couple of days just lounging around here enjoying the weather, the amenities, and the amazing service. Thanks again to William for making our Long Island wedding so incredible. It was truly the most phenomenal time of our lives!

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  October, 2014
We went with Oceanbleu for our wedding because we had a lot of relatives traveling in from around the country, and it made sense to do the wedding at a hotel. At the same time, we knew that we wanted a waterfront wedding; we had always dreamed about getting married on the beach. We also thought it’d be fun to stay at the hotel ourselves for a few nights as the start of our honeymoon, so we could spend more time with family. So when we shopped for a venue, we were looking both for a great wedding venue and a great hotel. Oceanbleu is attached to the Westhampton Bath and Tennis, which is a hotel and marina. One of our friends even docked his boat and stayed there at the marina! Very cool. The hotel is very nice with a beautiful pool and everything you could ask for. The rooms are lovely, especially the amazing suite where we stayed! As to the venue itself, we just loved it. We got married on the beach, standing right on the sand, the beautiful ocean right behind us. Incredible! So romantic! We couldn’t get over how dramatic our photos looked when they were developed—wow! The whole day was so easy and fun too; the staff was as incredible as anything, and they made the entire event seem effortless, and just completely perfect. Great place!

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  September, 2014
I’m writing this review for my daughter’s wedding. I was really involved with the planning, and worried like a mother can be that something would go wrong or someone might forget something. I wanted her special day to be perfect, and I was pretty anxious when we were still hunting for a venue. Jeff and William here at Oceanbleu could not have been better at soothing my anxious nerves. They took care of all my concerns and made me feel relaxed about the wedding … I mean, as relaxed as an anxious mother can be! There wasn’t a single detail they missed. They even thought of questions and concerns that we didn’t. And they had ideas and suggestions ready for every possibility. It was so comforting knowing they already had a plan B and a plan C for everything. We didn’t get that kind of responsiveness or flexibility for any of the other vendor people we interviewed! This truly was the most beautiful wedding you could imagine, and I am not biased in saying that. I am a total perfectionist, and they really did get everything just right!

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  July, 2014
We had our wedding party here. We really wanted something by the shore, and we needed a kosher menu. That limited our choices a bit right off the top, and we went with these guys because they were so friendly when we went to talk to them about our plans. They were incredible throughout, and our big day was a blast.

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  June, 2014
A very glamorous setting. We chose them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we loved the location and the fact that they had a pool—perfect for our daughter’s party! And secondly because they do kosher catering. This is an amazing place for a mizvah. It only comes once in your child’s life, so make it the best event you can. This place is worth every penny you’ll spend.

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