Rock Hill Country Club

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Rock Hill Country Club

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  Clancy Road, Manorville, NY
Rock Hill Country Club
Experience the elegance and sophistication of Rock Hill Country Club, one of Long island's premier catering facilities. Offering romantic settings and incredible panoramic views, the club prides itself with providing high quality service and magnificent settings for over twenty years. Only one affair at a time will insure that your wedding is a truly special and unique event. Set on one of the highest points on the island, this classic 19th century clubhouse in Manorville is a forerunner in wedding venues, allowing couples to celebrate their once in a lifetime affair in an exclusively private atmosphere that offers the most unparalleled views along its green lush hills.

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or the most elaborate event, the facility is able to meet all your demands. It features a spacious deck with a bar, two full clubhouse bars, a large dance floor and a state-of-the-art audio/video system complete with flat screen TVs. The entrance is adorned by a beautiful garden, perfect for your wedding photos. The dining room and ballroom area can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests. From the moment your guests enter till the time they say goodbye, they'll be treated with personal attention and utmost respect. Each menu is individually designed to meet the requirements of the host and hostess. Included in your cocktail hour are a variety of stations, hot and cold hor's d'oeuvres, and artistically presented platters. Your dinner reception includes appetizers, pastas, salads and your choice of entrees.

Reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era, Rock Hill Country Club combines elite and eclectic opulence with affordability. The professional banquet managers will coordinate every detail of your celebration to insure a flawless and unforgettable event. This prestigious venue is recognized for its luxurious private rooms and grounds, exquisite cuisine, close attention to detail and accommodating staff.

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Rock Hill Country Club Reviews

  May, 2015
I had the real pleasure of attending a golf outing here at Rock Hill. It was by far one of the most amazing things I ever was invited to, and I feel like I am so lucky that I got to go. I had never been before, though I had heard many good things about it in the past, and I have been to a lot of other golf courses around here. This is a beautiful course, beautifully kept. It’s up on a hilltop, and not only are the fairways lovely, but there are some vantage points throughout the course where you can look down and get a great view of the surrounding area. It’s quite something if you’re in search of a picturesque course. And scenery is half of what I love about golf! I can’t believe how long I missed out on what is arguably the finest golf course anywhere on LI. Our golf outing included a delicious meal. There were a ton of options. Being a big seafood eater, I of course immediately went straight for the flounder stuffed with crab meat. That’s two things I love combined in one amazing dish. I still can’t get over what a great meal that was. They also had a carving station. I got a delicious side of ham. I skipped out on the salad, because that’s not really my favorite thing, but I have to admit that the salads looked quite good. Not your usual heap of lettuce with some dressing. Looked like some really gourmet stuff. Rock Hill doubles as a catering hall. I noticed there was some other stuff going on the same day we were here, though at no point did I feel like we were being overshadowed by the other events, even though they were a lot bigger than ours. It wasn’t noisy or crowded either. The golf course itself was very peaceful and relaxing, and dinner was a quiet affair as well. I will be coming back here to play a round just as soon as I get the chance, and I’m looking forward to it immensely. Also can’t wait to sit down at the lovely restaurant again and enjoy another delicious round of fish and crabmeat! And I may even try one of those delicious-looking salads. Who knows, I might even learn to like salad. And you can bet if I ever have an event I need to host, golf-related or otherwise, or if someone I know is looking for a suggestion, I will be pointing right this way. This is an amazing place for a wonderful day out on the course or a lovely sit-down meal!

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  January, 2015
If you’re reading wedding caterer reviews, it’s probably because you’re in the same position right now as we were last year when we were trying to get everything figured out. Planning our wedding was a very stressful thing for us. We both had a lot of stuff we weren’t sure on or even disagreed about, but also a lot of stuff that we knew for sure we both wanted to happen. With all those hopes and expectations, both of us had a pretty strong vision crafted in our minds of what our wedding would be like. And we were really worried that it would be the venue, and not us, that would ruin it all by getting it wrong. We had just heard too many stories from friends about weddings that didn’t turn out the way they were planned or advertised. One of the venues we actually heard consistently good things about was this one. Several different people mentioned it to us independently, and that seemed like a really good sign. We checked the reviews and they were very positive, and that was another good sign. So we drove over there sight unseen (we didn’t look at their website, rather), to find out what it was all about. It was a whole afternoon to do that, and I remember I was really tired and frustrated that day. I didn’t really want to do it, but my husband was all about it. I agreed if we could just get through this one step, the rest would be a lot easier. Neither of us could have guessed though just how much easier it would be. When we met Jim, he immediately saw how frustrated we both were, and how worried we were that things wouldn’t go the way we wanted. He could also tell there were a lot of arrangements we were just plain confused about, and that we didn’t really know what we were doing. He didn’t patronize us though, and he also didn’t try to take advantage of our confusion. He asked us what our budget was and then told us what he could do for us. We must have asked him a hundred questions just that day alone, but we left with all the answers we needed. Suddenly all kinds of loose ends and issues we had that were unresolved were either squared away or somebody was working on them for us. Jim was able to set things up with a DJ, florist, etc., so suddenly there was a lot of stuff we didn’t have to see to ourselves. What a relief that was! In fact, we found out that we didn’t have to deal with anyone at all outside the venue, and Jim was our go-to guy on pretty much everything. That simplified things so much. Oh yeah, he also pointed us towards his website where they have a handy checklist/schedule for wedding planning. When we went through it, we saw that most of it was already being handled! We made a list of the rest and contacted him when we had questions or needed to set something up. That is, when he didn’t contact us first! Jim was right on top of things and often addressed something we missed before we even realized that we’d missed it. Okay, so you are probably wanting to know more about the place itself and what you can expect if you come here for a tour or you book a wedding party of your own. Well, it’s up on a hilltop, so you have a really nice view of the surroundings. There’s a lot of grass and flowers and a really charming little white gazebo. You can get married under the gazebo, and they set up lawn chairs so that everybody can watch. The dining hall where you have the party has red carpets, beautifully set tables, sparkling chandeliers, wide windows to let in the light from outside, and a big dance floor. They have a golf course here too, which wasn’t something that we were interested in, but which would be really cool if you and your guests are into golf and want to make a couple days out of your celebration. Now let’s talk about the dinner! We were very relieved not to have to pick a separate caterer. Once again, it was something that the venue could take care of, and all we had to do was choose what we wanted. Our guests were easy; we didn’t have anyone with special dietary needs or anything, but they did ask, which was nice. The dinner was mostly Italian food; there was a lot of variety, and I don’t remember for sure what all of it was, because I didn’t try it all myself, but there were pastas, meats, seafood, and a bunch of appetizers. One thing I do clearly remember was that their menu was really big. Like a lot of catering menus only let you choose from a couple of side dishes, but they had almost as many sides to choose from as main dishes. I really enjoyed the pasta dish that I had, and I remember my potato side being just as good as the pasta was. My husband and I both loved every minute of our wedding, and we agreed that it was all worth it in the end—all that stress and anxiety. But the best part of getting married here arguably was the months leading up to the wedding, because our stress and anxiety levels went way down after we placed our reservation, something we did not imagine would happen. With Jim, we never questioned whether our wedding was in good hands, or whether he really was invested in our happiness. He just inspired confidence effortlessly, and made planning our wedding look effortless, like it was the easiest thing in the world. He had a solution ready for every problem, an answer to every unforeseen circumstance, and he was available to us personally every day since we first walked in the door until we left at the end of our wedding day. We cannot say enough how lovely this venue is and what a great event manager Jim is. If you’re looking for a simple answer to all of your wedding needs, then come to Rock Hill and ask for Jim.

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  December, 2014
Rock Hill gets an A++++ from us. We had an absolutely fantastic time there. I’m really glad we decided to do it, because we couldn’t actually find a lot of reviews for them online, which almost talked us out of doing it. I have no idea why they don’t have more reviews, because they are a really, really awesome venue. The guy we worked with on most of the planning was Jim, who was really awesome. There were a few times that I panicked outright during the planning process, and he calmed me down, and reminded me that everything was under control. I am just a naturally nervous person, and when it comes to planning something complex like this, it just gets so much worse for me. So I really appreciate how soothing he was on my nerves. His competence and care really made a difference, and turned the planning process into something much better than it would’ve been without him. Everybody else on the staff was really wonderful too. One thing that made me super happy was that we actually got a chance to eat dinner! My mother kept telling me all the way up to the wedding how she didn’t get more than two bites of her wedding dinner, and kept trying to make me eat a lot in the morning, but I didn’t want to. I wanted the wedding food! And the staff actually was so efficient at getting us where we needed to be on time that we had plenty of time to enjoy our meal with our family and friends, and that was really great! Pasta and seafood were both excellent – I could not believe what a huge selection of seafood they had! The crab and lobster were both really good. Loved the ham I had for dinner, and hubby had some kind of seafood, I forget what it was, but the bite I tried was great. The cocktail hour was really great too, did I mention that? When you are planning your wedding, you want everything to go right, and you know there will be hassles along the way, but you just get so anxious because you know you get just this one and only one shot at perfection. Was our wedding perfect? Actually, it was just about as close to perfect as a wedding could get. There were a few hitches throughout the day, but the staff was just amazingly efficient at dealing with them and sorting everything out, so we barely noticed when anything was out of place. The entire day went very smoothly, and like I mentioned, we were always where we needed to be, and my bridal attendant was always right there at my side with whatever I needed! So thanks to everyone here for making my wedding such a great day, and for helping an anxious bride to stay calm and enjoy her wedding!

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