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Allegria Hotel & Spa
Allegria Hotel is beautiful, modern respite for those wanting a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, or a short commute into the City that Never Sleeps. This modern, chic, elegant and beachfront hotel on the Atlantic Ocean is only 25 minutes away from Manhattan, and only 15 minutes away from JFK. This means your guests will be treated with convenience as well as luxury.

Whether it's for a corporate event, wedding, family reunion, or any other special occasion or romantic getaway, you and your guests will adore the clean white look of the lobby, restaurant, bar and guest rooms. The public areas feature magnificent mirror-lined walls and contemporary light fixtures covering the ceilings. The bathrooms are made with limestone and are adorned with backlit mirrors and spa showers. The fitness center and its one of a kind L’Onda Lounge overlooks the ocean as do Allegria Hotel's exclusive oceanfront suites and guest rooms.

Of course, the good impressions don't stop there. Your Allegria Hotel event can take advantage of the extraordinary ballroom that can seat up to 250 people theater style (180 people for banquet style). The hotel also has 6 state of the art conference rooms and features the gourmet cuisine of Chef Todd Jacobs. Guests may also take advantage of Allegria Hotel’s private tunnel to the beach that has full beach service and surf. Not much of a beach person? No problem, Allegria Hotel also has access to world class golf and tennis. With all of these amenities, your event will not only be a success, but will create lasting memories for your honored guests.

Find them online, or call them today to make your next big event an unforgettable one. Allegria Hotel can make any event seem like a first class vacation.
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Business Events
Outdoor Area
Bridal Room
On Site Ceremony
Valet Parking
Overnight Guest Accomodations
Dance Floor
Wheelchair Accessable
Coat Check
Live Music Permitted
DJ Permitted
AV Equipment Available
Air Conditioned
Kitchen On Premises
Tables Chairs Included
Premium Liquor

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Allegria Hotel Reviews

  April, 2015
When my husband and I were still dating, the first big trip we ever took together was to Long Island. It was only for a few days, and they are still some of the most wonderful days I can remember. The hotel we booked at on that vacation was the Allegria. It was such an incredible experience that eventually when we were tossing around honeymoon ideas, we started coming back to it, and thinking about coming to Long Island again. And the idea grew from there. Why just take our honeymoon there? Why not get married there? So we checked out the site, saw that they did weddings, and we immediately booked. It just made such perfect sense. We already knew that the rooms were incredible and that the hotel itself is amazing and has all the amenities we could possibly have wanted, and we knew how great their customer service was. We knew if we could expect anything even slightly resembling that for the wedding, it would be great. So when I say that they completely blew our expectations out of the water, you know just how amazing they were! Our expectations were already sky high from the time we stayed with them. Our experience with the wedding planning team was on a whole new level. Peter was such a pleasure to work with on every detail! He understood that we wanted to keep things as simple and easy as possible, and he was thrilled that we were such big fans of the hotel. We described the beach wedding we had in mind and the party we were envisioning, and he told us that they had exactly what we were looking for. He showed us the reception hall and the spot on the beach where we would be married. It was so exciting! They took care of literally everything. We didn’t have to worry about flowers, they provided that. DJ? Didn’t have to worry about that either, they took care of the entertainment. They hooked us up with décor, worked with us on the color scheme we wanted, and helped us create just the right atmosphere. Of course, most of that was already in place. The hotel is really incredible all on its own, and the beach is right there, so you have that Long Island feel right off the bat. Did everything go completely smoothly? No, we had a hiccup or two, admittedly! What could you expect? But what amazed us even more than how few hiccups there were was how well Peter handled them. By the time we realized something was amiss, he was already most of the way toward solving the problem and getting things back on track. Sometimes the result was even better than what we had been picturing in the first place. That’s how efficient he is at his job! Peter and everyone else were courteous, fun, and enthusiastic. They never ever said the word “no.” If they couldn’t do exactly what we wanted, they offered an alternative or a compromise, and often it turned out better than we’d planned. And almost every time they were able to just say “yes.” When we showed up, everything was hassle-free and so easy! I got my hair done and everything at the hotel itself, and so did my bridesmaids. There was never anything I needed that wasn’t provided to me right away. When I needed a drink, there was water or champagne. When I needed a spare bobby pin or help with my dress, my bridal attendant was right there. Peter’s whole team was just amazing to work with. Every person here just is incredibly dedicated and good at what they do. There was never a moment when they didn’t hesitate to go above and beyond for us, and I’m still hearing stories from my guests about how some staff member or other did something nice for them or helped them out with whatever while they were at the reception or staying afterward. We had a wonderful time staying here for our honeymoon too! I am so glad we decided to do things this way, because I think if we’d gotten married here and then gone somewhere else (or vice versa), it would have all been too fast. I would have been so sad to have to leave the hotel right after the big day was over. Instead, when our reception was done, it felt like things were just beginning—which is exactly what a wedding should feel like. We had a very enjoyable stay, and we love that a few of our family decided to stick around. There were a lot of fun activities to do, and the concierge hooked us up with some great ideas. Our room had an ocean view, and there were rose petals, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries and everything! They did a gorgeous job decorating it for us, and it was beautiful every single night we were there. Allegria is glamorous without coming across as stuffy or old-fashioned. It’s on the beach, but it doesn’t have that run-down beach bum vibe (which I know is popular, but it just isn’t my thing). Everything here is very modern; it’s an updated mode of elegance. Everything from the ballroom to the rooftop lounge (where we had our cocktail party) to the rooms to the bar are incredible. My only regret is that we couldn’t have stayed even longer.

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  April, 2015
My husband and I both are beach people, and a lot of our friends and family love the beach too! We knew we wanted to get married at a place where we could see the ocean, and we wanted to keep things local. At the same time, we both had a lot of people on our guest list who were going to be traveling. A few of them had places to stay with our relatives, but a lot of them were friends, and we didn’t have anywhere to put them up. So that narrowed our venue down to a hotel near the beach … so we went with the famous Allegria! I was a big fan from the moment we stepped inside! It’s a gorgeous hotel. The décor is unique and modern. Everything just drips sophistication! And then we met Peter and his team. From the very first meeting where we talked about our vision for our wedding, Peter was courteous and answered our questions (of which there were many) with alacrity, forthrightness, and great suggestions. Over the months leading up to the wedding, we swamped him and the rest of his staff with phone calls and emails. Each of them was responded to right away, and even when we were really freaked out about a hundred little details, Peter and the rest were super patient with us! They have a few different spots where you can have your reception, but we had to go with the rooftop! It was a perfect choice with the weather being very nice that day, and we were able to see the ocean as well as the NYC skyline. It made for a lovely and romantic backdrop. You can bet a few of our out of town friends told us repeatedly how envious they were that we get to live here so close to the ocean and the city! The entire time, Peter and his people were seeing to every detail, and often they were so smooth that we didn’t notice them in the background. All we had to think about were our guests and our incredible day and having a great time while we partied with the people we love! The food definitely deserves a mention too. If you like seafood, you have come to the right place. Two things I could not get over were both the quality of the fresh seafood … and the quantity. It isn’t too often you get to see huge heaps of lobster, clams, oysters and shrimp. Everyone was really blown away by the sheer amount of seafood. And it was a real treat for our inland friends and relatives who don’t usually get to eat fresh lobster and other east coast goodness! Another thing worth talking about is the rooms. They are quite nice! I know this because not only did a bunch of our friends stay here, but we actually did too! Why? It made everything so fast and easy the day of the wedding! We stayed in the suite the night before. That way we could wake up, get ready, and get straight to our ceremony and our vows! I was able to take care of my hairstyling and my makeup right there in the suite, get dressed, and head downstairs to get married on the beach. After the wedding, I wanted to change out of my gown into something comfier, and it was as easy as going up to the suite and coming back down. Very helpful! The two words I would use most to describe Allegria are “no stress!” When you get married here, you do not have to worry about anything! This is THE place to get married on Long Island!!!!! Peter and his staff take care of everything for you, and you don’t have to do anything but have a great time. It’s your special day, and they do everything possible to make sure it is as special as you deserve. You are not going to find a more courteous or patient staff anywhere. Ask for Peter when you arrive. He will get everything set up for you!

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  September, 2014
Before we moved to Long Island, we visited and stayed at the Allegria Hotel. It was an amazing vacation; so amazing that we ended up relocating because we loved it so much and never wanted to stay away. The hotel was the first venue that popped into our heads when we were planning our wedding. We thought of it almost immediately. It seemed like a romantic way to celebrate our journey together, and it is such a gorgeous hotel that we knew it would be the perfect setting! This is the perfect place to hold a beachfront wedding. They have the most amazing beach, and you get it all to yourself on your day. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather, amazing panoramas. The photos turned out so fantastic we couldn’t believe it, and bring us back immediately to the roar of the surf, the sand under our feet, the warm breeze and the beautiful sunset. Cocktail hour was phenomenal. They have this beautiful bar on the roof, perfect to keep enjoying the fresh air, amazing weather, and the views. We remembered the food at the hotel being good from our first visit, but not –this- good! It was amazing; they made everything to our taste, and took care of every detail. The ballroom where we had our party afterward was amazing, like something out of a fairytale dream come true. Finally, we just want to give a shout out to Peter, who worked so hard to make sure that we were happy with absolutely everything. He made everything happen. We had so many special requests we thought we’d drive him crazy, but he never once was impatient or confused. He took careful notes and carried out everything perfectly. There was nothing that was too difficult for him! Be sure to ask for him when you plan your wedding at Allegria!

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  April, 2014
We had an incredible time here! It wasn't our party, but I almost wish it was, because it was just that fabulous. The menu was amazing and everything we ate was phenomenal. There was always somebody there to ask if we needed anything. We'd use them for an event in a heartbeat.

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  April, 2014
This is a wonderful venue - you are not going to find better anywhere in the area! They have some absolutely delicious food, and you can't beat the sophistication of this hotel. It's very atmospheric, and the catering hall is beautiful. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks especially to Peter for working with us to get all the details right!

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