Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club

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Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club
With over 1,200 feet of private oceanfront property, the Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club is an ideal locale for scenic weddings, corporate events, or private parties. Everything from casual luncheons, dinner celebrations, an afternoon of tennis, or a clambake on the beach to a gorgeous waterfront wedding or ceremony can be had at the Tennis and Surf Club. Up to 200 guests can be accommodated for a formal sit-down dinner in the ballroom, or a cocktail party can be held for 400. The ballroom is affixed to wrap-around ocean and pool decks to provide beautiful panoramic views of the bay.

Venue Amenities & Details
Seating Capacity
1 to 200
On Site Ceremony Maximum Capacity
# Of Reception Rooms Available
On-Site Ceremony Location
Cocktail Party Location
Indoor & Outdoor
Business Events
Outdoor Area
On Site Ceremony
Outdoor Area Patio
Dance Floor
Must Use In House Caterer
In-House Party Planner
Tables Chairs Included
Separate Room for Cocktail Party
Robbins Wolfe Eventuers brings an eclectic array of menu options to the table.

For more details about amenities, please message the Venue.

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Bridgehampton Tennis Club Reviews

  July, 2015
One of my husband’s good friends is a member of the club, so that’s how we received the recommendation. He put us right in touch with the event manager, so we were able to get started quickly with the initial meeting and planning and everything. It helped also I think that we didn’t have to go on a big hunt for the right place! That probably saved us months of time and effort, and it let us get right to actually working out all the details of the wedding. I think it probably saved us a huge amount of stress too, and I think that’s what I appreciate most. Well, I take that back. What I appreciate the very most is the fact that he sent us to a wonderful place. We were very happy with the club and everything they did for us! I am positive that it was the best choice. What did we love about the club? First off, the fees, very reasonable! We were hardly on a shoestring, but we did have to pick and choose how we were going to budget our money. We did not want to spend it all on the rental. We wanted to have enough that we could really go wild with our flowers and my gown and everyone’s attire. We also wanted enough that we could afford a really top quality photography studio. And we needed to save up for our honeymoon. So all of that made this a great choice for us. We were able to put money into making our ceremony as beautiful as possible, and really deck out the catering hall in style! We spent a lot on flowers, which was totally worth it. Our centerpieces were so romantic and really made the hall look beautiful. And they smelled so amazing! The florist was suggested to us by the club, and they hooked us up with the photography studio too. Our photos are so beyond incredible. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful wedding photography. I didn’t think we’d get anything like the work I saw online, most of which again would have been outside of our price range. But the photos we got back from the studio were actually on that same level, maybe even better. I loved that the photographer asked us what we wanted to do with the tone, and really did his best to work in the environment and the flowers and all the rest of it into a beautiful album. So those were a couple of outstanding suggestions from our event manager. Okay, now I definitely need to talk about food. They have lots of seasonal food, so by the time you get here for your wedding, I don’t know what will be on the menu! When we got married, we had a delicious squash soup made with truffle, probably one of the single most delicious things I ever ate, and that was only the first course. The salad was good, but pretty standard (though very fresh). The main course I ordered was salmon, which acme with delicious potatoes and some dinner vegetables, and that was really something! Salmon has to be cooked just so for me to like it, and this salmon was prepared perfectly. It was not too fishy, it was just right. The wedding cake was also very good; we had to pay extra for it and it had to be arranged on our own, but they plated it and served it for us and embellished it with fresh berries. We loved that they did that even though we got our cake from a bakery. I really thought that was taking things above and beyond. They didn’t have to put in that extra effort, but they did anyway. Amazing dinner in every way, and all our guests were really effusive about it as well. You’ll notice that I actually had time to eat all this food. I know, that surprised me too. I was at a friend’s wedding not a couple months before mine, and while it was amazing, they kept rushing her from place to place and she kept getting swarmed by her guests so that she hardly had time to eat. She told me she hardly tasted a bite of food until the next day. The staff here were so on top of things that they had me where I needed to be ahead of schedule the whole day. I had much more time with my guests and I had time to eat. When I walked down the aisle, I felt ready, not a hair out of place. Not feeling rushed was a big deal. I actually had time to really enjoy each moment and lose myself in it. I wasn’t constantly racing to catch up like she was. I really recommend this club on so many levels. It’s a beautiful spot, right by the sea. The staff are friendly and wonderfully resourceful and competent. They are masters at scheduling and juggling and they are multi-tasking fiends. I can’t imagine how they do it, I think I’d go crazy just thinking about it. They gave me the time and the space to really enjoy my wedding. And they did it all on a really reasonable budget. I imagine there isn’t a better deal around. Jump on this one. I hope that my review does for you what my husband’s friend did for us, and saves you all the time of hunting, and lands you with the very best spot right from the get-go!

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  January, 2015
Are you trying to plan your wedding on a budget, and not finding anything that’s worth it? We looked high and low before we found this wonderful venue, and it was not a fun search! Everywhere we went, there was one of two problems. Either the venue in question was amazing in every way but it was going to cost us more than ten times what we had to spend, or the venue was affordable but unremarkable, just another “blah” catering hall that had nothing really unique going for it (and probably another wedding going on at the same time, or worse, a bar mitzvah or sweet 16). Those ones were the worst in some ways, because while we could afford them, they just didn’t seem like they were offering anything that was really worth it. I mean, with our rental budget around $1000, that might not sound like it was “a lot” to spend, but to us, it was. It’s a lot of money to us, and we really didn’t want to throw it away on a mediocre venue. We were so close to giving up and throwing in the towel (seriously, we almost considered eloping) when we stumbled across BHTS and met Tiffany Kramer (I thought it was cute that a woman who organizes weddings is named “Tiffany”; that just seems so right). We were so amazed by the beauty of the beach when we stepped out of the car; there was a dramatic vista that day with the clouds and everything, and it really seemed like a romantic, exciting place to tie the knot. When we met Tiffany, we told her right away we were on a budget, already prepared to head back to the car and leave, but she told us that our budget was just fine! At that point, we knew we’d found the right place before she even said anything else. We were already ready to sign on the whole thing. The day of our wedding was just as dramatic as that first day. The sun behind the clouds was just beautiful and made for a striking backdrop for our photos on the beach. We loved how the even indoors you could look out at the ocean and watch the waves crashing. They have these big French doors that go along the whole wall that faces the ocean, so you can always see out. I am pretty sure that we found the very best deal on Long Island, if not the very best deal on the entire coast, for an incredible wedding at an incredible price. I think this probably easily compared to weddings that are ten times as expensive. Actually, I know for a fact that it did! I remember my sister’s wedding being way more expensive than mine, and hers was very nice, but it wasn’t actually as nice as this one. She even said so herself. So whether you are on a tight budget or not, I recommend you come straight to BHTS and skip the rest of your search. You will save so much time and money, and even if you don’t need to save, you’ll enjoy the best experience that money can buy.

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  November, 2014
We just went wild when we discovered this gorgeous spot! We had a whole list of requirements, and we could tell right away that they were going to be able to satisfy most of them. After we had a chat with Tiffany, we knew they’d be able to do it all! Here’s what we loved about this place! • They had options for the ceremony and the reception, indoors or outdoors. We got married on the private beach, and it really was private! All that wide open space, all ours! And that brings me to the next thing. • This venue is here just for you on your day! There were no other wedding parties, no other events going on! It was like the whole place was here just to make us happy! • Food! Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to start. Not only is the food here really yummy (way above your average venue fare), but it is served in style! The plates here looked like pieces of art, seriously, everything was so fancy and perfectly arranged! They were so pretty that we almost didn’t want to eat, except of course we couldn’t resist, because it was just so scrumptious! • The staff was just so fabulous, especially Tiffany of course. They just made us feel like we were made of gold! They were there to answer our questions over the phone day and night, and when we had last minute requests and concerns, they took care of them! We panicked a lot, but they never did! Apparently they do smaller parties here too, like intimate gatherings. I think that we’ll make a point of reserving here for something special sometime soon, maybe for our anniversary dinner next year! That would be so romantic!

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  October, 2014
We were looking for something simple, beautiful, and private, and definitely with a view of the ocean. The club is absolutely enchanting, and we got lucky with the weather too, so we had a beautiful outdoor wedding. It was a bit overcast, but no rain, and with the time of day, the sun was very dramatic. The surf was high enough to make for an interesting backdrop, but not so much that it was loud or distracting. It all felt very magical. We worked with the site manager, Tiffany, on our arrangements. The first thing we worked out was the scheduling. We wanted a specific day, and she actually was able to do it, which was just awesome. She put together an indoor plan for us in case it rained, which thankfully we didn’t have to use, but it was comforting just knowing that she had planned for every scenario. You can have your ceremony in three different spots, and you can choose any of them. We got married right on the beach, but the deck is another great spot with an amazing view. The cost of having your wedding here is surprisingly reasonable too, and a much lower quote than we got from any of the other places! We kept waiting for some kind of a catch, but there wasn’t one. Tiffany was wonderful, the venue was incredible, and everything was perfect. Thank you again for everything, Tiffany! Our special day was perfect thanks to everything you did to make it so!

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