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Dering Harbor Inn
Located on Shelter Island, The Dering Inn overlooks the picturesque harbor from which it takes its name and makes the ideal place to come and settle in. Private and discreet, its array of waterfront villas and suites, scenically situated pristine pool, tennis court, dock and over seven acres of walkabout space give guests room to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. The accommodations are deluxe and unique; the ambiance, tranquil and unhurried – a pace that has been the hallmark of Shelter Island to this day. It is why Dering is so rightfully referred to as the "un-Hamptons". It is within a five minute walking distance of the main village where you'll find restaurants/bars, markets, shops, bike rentals, and more. Only two hours from New York, accessible by a short ferry ride, the Dering Harbor Inn patiently awaits you for beautiful reception or much-needed getaway.

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0 to 200
Simultaneous Events
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Indoor & Outdoor
Outdoor Area
On Site Ceremony
Off Premise Catering Available
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Overnight Guest Accomodations
Must Use In House Liquor
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Air Conditioned
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In-House Party Planner
Premium Liquor

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Dering Harbor Inn Reviews

  June, 2015
Looking for a beautiful place for our wedding reception and somewhere we could spend our honeymoon in comfort not too far from home, we ended up taking a look at Dering Harbor Inn on Shelter Island. We head to Shelter Island a lot when we want to relax and get away from it all (we live in Brooklyn), so we loved the idea of getting married there. We already had so many beautiful memories there, and this would be a way to create even more, and an extra special one at that. We wanted to always associate Shelter Island with the start of our new life together. We knew we’d found our special place when Sherri came to greet us when we arrived. She was friendly, attentive, and thrilled to hear that we love Shelter Island so much and wanted to get married there. I had so many things that I wanted to ask her, and she patiently answered everything, and there was nothing she couldn’t answer. She was very on top of things. I can’t say enough how patient she was either. I mean, I would have thought that I must be really annoying asking so many things. But she didn’t even make me feel like it was a lot of things. She just acted like she always gets that many questions (maybe she does, I wouldn’t know). In any case, she made us feel very welcome, and she made me certain that this was the right choice. Sherri would take great care of us, and our wedding was in the perfect hands. Our whole bridal party stayed for the weekend of our reception, which was so cool! It meant that while the wedding itself was only officially part of one day, it felt like it was the whole weekend. The reception and cocktail hour and the ceremony were all on one day, but we had lots of fun activities figured out for the rest of the weekend. We got to spend real quality time with the people we care about, including friends we hadn’t seen since our school days and relations that we both only see once in a blue moon. If we’d been rushed through that, I think that would have been a real shame. I wanted to spend as much time with these people as possible. Most of our guests went home after the weekend, but a few of our friends stuck around for a few more days, and we stayed for the rest of the week as our honeymoon. It was a much less expensive way to enjoy our honeymoon than a trip out of town would have been. I’m quite convinced as well that this was probably much nicer than that would have been. I mean, yeah, traveling is fun and interesting, but it’s also mega stressful and can get complicated fast, and something always goes wrong. Nothing went wrong for us the whole time we were here, and there was so much fun stuff to do here! They have yoga classes, bikes you can rent and ride around the lovely gardens, and of course lots of relaxing places where you can lounge around and take in the breeze and lovely views. A lot of time we just spent walking along the shoreline together or hanging out at the pool or just enjoying being together in the beautiful honeymoon suite. Even though technically it was only that first day that was the day we had booked for our wedding, what I’ll always remember is how Sherri was there for us the entire time we stayed. Anytime we needed anything, even after the main event was over, she had it taken care of. It was like she took a personal responsibility for ensuring that our entire stay would be as wonderful as possible. That’s something else we never would have experienced had we gone out of town for our honeymoon. So I realize most of this has been about our honeymoon more than our wedding, so let me say that our wedding was beautiful down on the shore and that our reception was terrific! Their chef makes delicious food, and we enjoyed that all week, but the very best was the wedding reception feast! Every moment of our party was an absolutely amazing time, and even though a lot of it is just a big happy blur now, I have a lot of really specific memories of distinct, special moments. That’s always a sign for me that I had a really incredible experience. Usually for me stuff just all fades together and all I have is a vague impression. Not with our wedding. For weeks after the wedding and honeymoon were over, all I could do was keep looking back over all our photos again and again. I just wanted to relieve it as much as I could and keep those memories sharp. It still feels like it only happened yesterday, but I know that it won’t feel that way forever. That is why we will just have to come here every now and again for a romantic weekend getaway so that we can refresh our memories and live it all again!

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  December, 2014
When we knew we were going to get married locally, the first thing we decided was that we were not going to do it in a crowded city setting! We knew we either wanted to the beach, a vineyard, or something else that was a little off the beaten path. And my husband said, “what about Shelter Island,” and I thought, “now that was a brilliant idea … what kinds of venues do they have there?” The first search result I got when I searched was Dering Harbor. And it’s where we ended up getting married. Dering Harbor in short was exactly what we were going for when we first started imagining our wedding. Again, somewhere off the beaten path, calm, more of a laid-back tone, a slower pace of life, a place where we could “get away from it all” and just focus on us and the people that we love. No hustle and bustle. This place is encircled by beautiful shade trees and has a secluded nature-y feel. The harbor of course is gorgeous. Perfect scenery for our wedding ceremony. Another reason we chose Dering Harbor is because it’s a hotel. You don’t have to have an event to come here; you can just come here for a weekend getaway to relax, and that’s something we are planning on doing in the future, maybe for our anniversary or something! We wanted to have our wedding at a venue which we could go back to and relieve our wonderful day. We can come back here anytime and stay in one of their beautiful harbor-side rooms. They have an outdoor pool, a tennis court, and all kinds of lovely walking paths. You’re just a short walk from the main village, though it doesn’t feel like it! It feels like you’re nowhere near the heart of town. Our wedding was wonderful; there was a beautiful sunset that evening, and there was a nice breeze, not too much, just enough to keep the air moving on a warm day. The sun sparkling on the water was beautiful, and we had a fun time watching the boats. We did the entire reception outdoors under a big tent. There was a dance floor, amazing food, a bar, and everything. It was a lot of fun, and everything worked out perfectly. We are so excited to come back sometime and stay for a few days! We know it will be just so relaxing. I can’t wait to have the same great food again, look out over the water at the same gorgeous views, and walk on the same paths, maybe even stay in the same room. This is a memory I want to relive over and over!

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  November, 2014
I know when a lot of people go to plan their weddings around here, their first thought is, “let’s get married on the beach!” It was actually our first thought too And then we started thinking harder about it, and realized it was maybe not the best idea. Yes, the beach romantic and beautiful, but it’s also really windy and sandy and not the most comfortable place to say your vows! Here’s a lovely alternative: Dering Harbor. You get married right up against the waterfront, but you’re not on the beach. The harbor is secluded, cozy, and sheltered. The wind isn’t fierce at all. The weather is very calm. It certainly was on the day we got married. We loved watching all the boats too! The harbor is just full of little vessels, and they did add some ambiance that we wouldn’t have had on the beach. You’re up on a bit of a bluff, so you are looking down over the harbor and the boats. And then there’s the inn itself. We did choose to stay here in the honeymoon suite, and we loved it! You are sort of nestled up snugly on the hillside under all these shade trees, and everything is really green and pretty. There’s a dock you can go walking on down by the water, and they have a nice swimming pool and a tennis court. The rooms themselves can’t be beat! Ours had nicely painted walls, lovely furniture, and frankly felt more like a real bedroom in a house than a hotel room. We had a gorgeous view out on our patio, and spent a lot of time out there just enjoying the weather and the scenery. A couple of our friends stayed here too and said they had a lovely time! Their rooms were really nice too, and they said they did some of the fitness activities they offer and had a great experience. This place really deserves more press. If you’re looking for something a little different than your standard beachside wedding, but you still want to be by the water, you will love it here.

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