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Elegant Eating
Elegant Eating has been providing high quality catering and beautifully presented gift baskets since 1985. Exquisitely prepared food and unsurpassed service have made Elegant Eating one of Long Island's most distinguished off-premise catering companies. It started as a small business out of founder Myra Naseem' s house. Due to the high demand she moved to a larger store in Stony Brook, where she formed a partnership with Neil Schumer. As time went by, the company became more and more popular not only in the Three Village area but around Long Island as well, establishing an impeccable reputation for fine food, unique presentations and excellent customer service. Through referrals and word of mouth the company evolved into the upscale off premise catering business it is today.

Whether a grand affair of 300 guests or an intimate gathering for 10 people, Elegant Eating can accommodate all your needs. The professional party planners will guide you throughout the planning process from the very beginning and will help you with the selection of coordinated linens, china, flowers, music and even parting gifts. If you don’t have a location in mind, their experienced team will assist you in finding the perfect site for your wedding and then do everything necessary to create the wedding of your dreams. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, bar or bat mitzvahs, a bridal shower, baby shower, graduation or any other special occasion Elegant Eating can turn your event into an exquisite affair tailored to your specific requests.

The chefs will customize a menu according to your taste, providing you with a unique, one of a kind event. Their catering services can be tailored according to your needs – be it pick-up food or a full service catered affair, and everything in between. The cordial wait staff can deliver, set up, re-heat or cook and serve your party menu, and leave your event site spotless afterwords. They can also arrange for valet parking, music and entertainment and provide tents, chairs, floral arrangements, decorations and linens at the location of your choice.

Elegant Eating is one of Long Island's most trusted and respected off-site caterer and event planner. Close personal attention, creative menus and excellent service make this company a great choice for your catered affair.

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Elegant Eating Reviews

  May, 2015
Somebody once got me one of their gift baskets. It was very exciting, and they mentioned to me that they did food for events, so I thought of them when I had to choose a caterer for our wedding. When I called them up, I was excited to learn that no event is too large or small for them. In our case, large was exactly what we needed, with hundreds of guests attending. We wanted beautiful, artistically-designed food to serve our guests, not rushed, cheap buffet food. We’d heard way too many stories about bad food at weddings, and that was not going to happen with our wedding! There were a couple of specific reasons that I decided on them in the end. The first was what I saw on their website. They not only can make amazing custom menus, but they can also make amazing customized foods that are incredibly artistic, fun and beautiful to look at! We wanted some truly one-of-a-kind dishes at our wedding, especially desserts. The other deciding factor that finally made up our mind was the fact that they are extremely flexible. This isn’t just another place where they say “pick 3 of these, pick 5 of those, pick 4 of these.” They let you fully customize everything! You can pick *whatever* you want for your cocktail hour, your appetizers, salads, stations, dinner banquet entrees, side dishes, desserts. You have full control over the entire menu, and you can order as much or as little food as you need. I was also very impressed when I found out that they do more than just cook and deliver. They were willing to set up chairs and get linens and flowers all taken care of for us too! They also were willing to provide us with wait staff. How cool is that? These people really do it all. About the linens and flowers … I know you might be thinking that a catering company probably still specializes on food and only offers a few options for the other stuff, but that isn’t the case at all with these guys. They have an impressively large selection of linens and dishware and more, and you can even look through it all right on their website. I doubt we’d have found more options anywhere. It was very easy for us to find everything we needed to match our color scheme. Maybe the best thing about this caterer though is Neil and Myra! They’re the two who handle all your party planning arrangements. They work with you as long as you need to get the menu juts right, and they are completely patient! We never felt like they were rushing us, or like they were tired of our special requests, or like they were going to have a hard time handling even our most specific requirements. If you’ve worked with other caterers in the past, and you are tired of that frustrating “pick X from y menu” approach, then skip those other caterers this time around. When you have a new party to plan, pick Elegant Eating. You won’t be constrained into all those little menu planning boxes. You can choose anything you want, anything at all that they make, and they will customize the menu and the dishes as much as you want. You get to build the menu based on what you really think is best, and not based on what happens to already be in place. This isn’t just flexibility; it is full customization and collaboration. Myra and Neil, you guys are incredible. This was a terrific experience like no other!

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  December, 2014
I actually attended one of their cooking parties here once with a friend for her birthday. I had a lot of fun, and the food we learned how to make was really good! So that made me think of them for catering for our wedding. We had a venue picked out, but wanted to go with a caterer we were familiar with, instead of taking a risk on the wedding venue’s food turning out to be only okay. I thought of this place and wondered if they do weddings, and they do. We loved it! The starters were just amazing. Really great salad and some delicious appetizers, especially the mini crab cakes, which came with delicious dipping sauce and some kind of corn salsa that just made them taste totally yummy. But it was the swordfish steaks that really blew me away! It was the first time I’d been able to have swordfish in ages, and I forgot how much I love it. The best swordfish I’ve ever had, for sure! The meal came with some really good bread too. There were several different types. I only tried one, but it was so awesome! And dessert? Much better than I thought it would be. “Assorted cookies” didn’t sound all that exciting but they were all homemade and all turned out to be really incredible. The mini cream puffs are wonderful too. To drink there was coffee, and it was much better than I thought it’d be, very smooth and bold. I’m guessing that these guys would do an amazing job catering to just about any event. Our guests all raved about the seafood and the dessert. I would love to do another cooking party here sometime as well!

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  May, 2014
What a fun idea! This was a great experience learning how to cook gourmet food and having a blast with friends! It was perfect for my bridal shower. Neil and Myra were really great working with all of us. Even those of us who didn't know salt from pepper! The food was awesome too. A lot more fun than a standard bridal shower would've been. If you want a cool cooking themed party, this is the place to go!

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