Michaels' at Maidstone Beach

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Michaels' at Maidstone Beach
At the heart of the Springs, Michaels’ has been an Accabonac Treasure for 37 years. The journey starts at the door, through which the warm and friendly staff will put you at ease. The ambiance is unpretentious, cozy and charming. Michaels’ goal is to provide the hospitality of the Hamptons, without the bustle and hype. You will experience fine dining and excellent service. Local patrons and tourists alike are incredibly happy, relaxed and satisfied when they come to Michaels’.

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Business Events
Bridal Room
Valet Parking
Overnight Guest Accomodations
Must Use In House Liquor
Must Use In House Caterer
Kitchen On Premises
Tables Chairs Included
Parking Lot
Premium Liquor
Eclectic, New American, Seafood

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Michaels' at Maidstone Beach Reviews

  May, 2015
We figured this would be a comfortable and cozy place for a recent family gathering to celebrate our folks’ anniversary in style. It’s close to the park in East Hampton, and definitely one of our favorite places to eat. My parents were visiting us from out of town, and we thought it would be a nice surprise for them. So we got as many family members together as we could and started planning a special night out. We were still a pretty small group, so we didn’t feel a need to do catering or anything. We just showed up for the fixed price menu instead. It runs $30 a person, which is really not bad at all. Not when you get a ton of food for the money, and all of it magnificent. Delicious appetizers and salad, and then for dinner, they let you choose from a bunch of dishes. They really do a wonderful job here with pasta, so I usually eat whatever they have in the pasta vein when I’m here. That day though I ended up ordering prime rib (my folks did too), and it was outstanding. They are both really into prime rib, so they loved it. Alas I did not manage to save room for dessert, but I know from experience that the best thing to get here is the pecan pie. It’s just amazing. Seriously, no words for it. To drink, they have wines, and a lot of cognacs and cordials. You can’t go wrong with pretty much anything here. It’s a lovely experience, and frankly one that I think is worth more than $30 per person. Our folks had a great time; it was the best place on Long Island we could’ve brought them to celebrate. We all had fun. I’m so glad that we are local. I felt bad for my folks having to leave, knowing they can’t come back until they are in town again. My wife and I get to come back here any time we like!

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  February, 2015
We’ve been to this restaurant more times now than I can think of. It’s become a family favorite, and we place a reservation here any time we have a chance. It’s fine dining with a more casual ambiance and really friendly vibes, which makes it a comfortable place to eat. The way they serve the food … I’ve never seen anything like it before anywhere else. It’s all really artistic. Everything is placed really elegantly on the plate, like an edible work of art. I almost feel guilty eating it … almost. It’s hard to feel guilty about eating something so delicious. The menu is excellent, no matter when you come in. The fixed price menu that the other reviewer mentioned is great, but so is the standard dinner menu. The cod with the spinach and rice is outstanding, and the duckling with the orange glaze is terrific. They also make quite a scrumptious and reasonably priced hamburger and fries—and yes, it’s available at dinnertime. My wife on the other hand is a big fan of the mushroom and cheese ravioli; she’s a vegetarian and swears it’s one of the best veggie options she’s eaten anywhere in town. For dessert … I don’t even know where to start with dessert. The tiramisu is some of the best I’ve had, and you also can’t go wrong with the pecan pie. We’ve done a couple of parties here. Only small ones, just us and a few of our friends, so nothing fancy or formal, so no catering involved. What we did get was excellent food and excellent service, as always. When we’ve had parties at other restaurants, even with just a few extra people, we’ve noticed that the waiters usually seem to struggle to keep up with everyone’s orders, but that is not the case here! Drinks are filled promptly, and they checked up on us regularly and asked us if we needed anything extra. The second party was during a busy time too, so count us impressed. A wonderful place for a party that I’m sure would do excellently with catering too. And of course, a wonderful spot to eat a casual dinner anytime!

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  November, 2014
Now this is what I call one incredible restaurant! We’d heard good things from our friends, and checked out their website and were drawn in right away by the beautiful photos of their cuisine. These people are absolute culinary artists. We did the fixed price menu and showed up with a small party. It is really crazy what you get for $30 per person. You get your choice of appetizers, salad and main course. The buffalo di mozzarella is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I skipped on the salad, but our guests (and my girlfriend) were all raving about it. For entrees, they had chicken, pasta and several different seafood choices. I had a tough time deciding but ended up going with the pan fried flounder with spinach. Just delightful! My gf went with the salmon, which I almost got, and I still am not sure which of us got the tastier meal. One bite of hers and I was in heaven. Dessert was pretty good, not the highlight of the meal though. We found out while we were here that they actually have a pretty awesome bar menu too! The beer menu is pretty nice and the food menu looks awesome. You can get a lot of the bar menus tuff for around $10, and if it’s anything like the gourmet they serve over at the tables, it has to be incredible. So we are coming back soon to hang out at the bar and give some of that a try!

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