Navy Beach

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Navy Beach
Located in beautiful Montauk, Navy Beach is a fantastic restaurant for enjoying delightful seafood and other coastal treats. In addition to the bar and dining room, there is a 200-foot private beach overlooking the gorgeous Fort Pond Bay. The scenic beauty of Navy Beach makes an ideal setting not just for dining on the sand, but also for parties, weddings, and other special events.

Venue Amenities & Details
Price Range (per plate)
$45 to $65
On Site Ceremony Maximum Capacity
On-Site Ceremony Location
Indoor & Outdoor
Business Events
Outdoor Area
On Site Ceremony
Valet Parking
Wheelchair Accessable
Live Music Permitted
Must Use In House Caterer
Kitchen On Premises
Tables Chairs Included
Virtual Tour Available
Parking Lot
New American, Seafood, Eclectic

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Navy Beach Reviews

  January, 2015
Couples looking for a classic Montauk wedding are not going to find a better spot than Navy Beach! We knew we wanted to get married in Montauk really early on, so it was just a matter of choosing where to tie the knot and where to have the party. A lot of the places we looked at seemed too stuffy to us. They were beautiful and elegant, don’t get me wrong, but they didn’t have a sense of fun that we were looking for. We didn’t want something totally casual either though which was just going to feel like a surfer bar. After all, we could hit a bar any day. You only get married once in a lifetime. It had to be something special. We found the perfect halfway point here. Navy Beach has a surfer vibe to it, but the dining room is really nice, and there is a classy flair to every inch of the place. They have a private beach and an amazing view. They are very flexible; they let you rent just one room if you want or the entire place. They have suggestions right on their website (which they gave us again in person) for the cake, flowers, photography, DJ and even hair and makeup! They also pointed us in the right direction when it came to choosing accommodations for our traveling guests. That was very helpful and made the planning so much easier! They even helped us get set up with some of the other vendors. At no point did we feel like we were just floundering on our own. We’d never eaten at Navy Beach before, so we made a point of doing it before we finalized our reservation. Dinner was awesome, and from that point on we were super excited for the big day! Our wedding dinner was even better than the dinner we had that first night. There was a great combination of casual and fine dining foods (fitting with the atmosphere)—everything from fried chicken (which is amazing) to NY strip steak. There were a lot of delicious appetizers and some amazing drinks from the bar. Frank and Leyla, who run the place, are both an absolute pleasure to deal with! They were awesome from our first meeting, and were there for us every step we took in the planning process. They were there even on the big day; I thought that was great! At a bigger venue, I think they’d have delegated everything, and we wouldn’t have seen them at all. It was like they took a personal interest and really wanted our wedding to be amazing. You’d have thought we were their relatives or something. That’s how wonderful they both were with us. It took some hunting around to find this venue, but I’m grateful we didn’t give up. I know we had a lot more fun here than we would have had at one of those fancier establishments. The quality here was incredible, and the ambiance was perfect, classic Montauk. The food was delicious, Frank and Leyla were awesome, and everyone had a glorious time.

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  December, 2014
It’s been months since we got married, and all this time I’ve been trying to think of the best way to describe this wonderful venue and what an amazing time we had. I still haven’t been able to come up with anything sufficient, so I’ll just go ahead and start typing. It’s about time I said something! We searched all over the area for the perfect place for our wedding reception. We wanted something classy, but not too starchy or upscale. Something more fun and casual suited us better. Eventually in our search we stumbled across Navy Beach and went to see what they have to offer. We immediately loved it! The restaurant is charming and has a kind of vintage charm to it. The interior has absolutely gorgeous décor. We didn’t bring hardly anything to spruce it up, because we loved it just the way it is. There is a small private beach attached to the restaurant. We had our actual ceremony right out there, and then came inside for the reception. We planned the menu in advance and it was incredible! They have seafood here, of course, and it’s awesome, but don’t skip out on the other menu entrees either, in particular the fried chicken, which is awesome. There’s something subtly innovative about the way that all the foods are prepared. I’m not sure what they do here and what the chef’s secrets are, but it was the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. They also took care of dessert for us. It was so good that a lot of our friends actually asked us who had prepared it; they thought we’d brought in outside catering for dessert. It was just the restaurant though! The place is owned by a couple named Frank and Leyla, both of whom are delightful. They are very experienced with running events; never once did we see them flustered or concerned. They listened carefully to what we wanted, and helped us make it happen. There were no surprises anywhere along the way, and the costs they quoted us were the costs we paid at the end. Frank was actually present through our entire wedding, and repeatedly asked us and our friends whether we needed anything. Even though he was always on hand to help out, he knew when to fade into the backdrop too. We were really impressed by both him and his entire staff. The waiters were all amazing. This is a smaller place for a wedding and not as well known as some of the big venues, but it’s perfect if what you are looking for is an intimate, casual, fun beach vibe, amazing service, and some of the best food you’re going to find on Long Island. We were so happy with the experience, and can’t wait to head back soon for a nice dinner.

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