NYIT de Seversky Mansion

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NYIT de Seversky Mansion
The famous de Seversky Mansion is located on the campus of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Old Westbury, NY on the prestigious Long Island's North Shore. One of the few remaining Gold Coast mansions open for the public, the estate is set on 100 lush acres of picturesque landscape; it was once popular under the name of White Eagle.

Surrounded by grounds adorned by linden trees, de Seversky Center's front side is marked by its curved and columned loggia, which opens off the ballroom. Beautiful verandas and urns line the mansion's exterior. Two limestone pillars mark the entry, leading to an oval driveway. Upon entrance the marble entry hall's majestic staircase will capture your attention right away. The marble stairs take you to the luxurious bridal suite and a private European country style meeting room, often used for small intimate gatherings. Off the main hallway, de Seversky's oak-paneled rooms feature refined fireplaces. The Reception Room and Ballroom were the setting for the 1991 hit film "Arthur". The library's left wall conceals a hidden door leading to a large hallway, which takes you to the west wing where the terrace room, bar-lounge, dining room and garden room are located.

Whether you're planning an indoor or outdoor event, de Seversky Center can accommodate your needs for up to 200 guests. Their executive chef will work closely with you to create a customized menu that fits your taste. The dining room manager will coordinate all details and special requests to organize your perfect fairy tale wedding. With only one affair at a time you can have your very own mansion for a day and enjoy the undivided attention of the entire staff.

The NYIT's de Seversky Center hosts numerous events each year and has established a reputation for outstanding service and extraordinary cuisine. Built in 1918 as a magnificent mansion for the corporate legend Alfred I. Du Pont, it is one of the metropolitan area's premier conference and catering facilities, and a much sought-after location for weddings, business events, anniversaries and other special occasions.
Venue Amenities & Details
Seating Capacity
Price Range (per plate)
From $130
Simultaneous Events
Business Events
Outdoor Area
Bridal Room
On Site Ceremony
Valet Parking
Off Premise Catering Available
Outdoor Area Garden
Outdoor Area Terrace
Outdoor Area Patio
Overnight Guest Accomodations
Dance Floor
Wheelchair Accessable
Coat Check
Live Music Permitted
DJ Permitted
AV Equipment Available
Must Use In House Liquor
Must Use In House Caterer
Air Conditioned
Kitchen On Premises
Tables Chairs Included
Premium Liquor
On-site party planner
Separate Room for Cocktail Party

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Interview Q & A With NYIT de Seversky Mansion

Q: What sort of different event packages do you offer?

A: We offer three different style receptions. Our signature European-Style wedding and reception includes a spectacular cocktail hour followed by a formal seated dinner with a menu created exclusively for the bride & groom by our executive chef and culinary team. After dinner, guests can dance the night away and enjoy our European dessert café. Sophisticated and elegant, our Mansion-Style receptions treat our guests to a continuous cocktail reception featuring an array of delectable hand-passed hors d’oeuvres to start the evening. After cocktail hour the feast continues as we feature chef-attended display stations and top-shelf bars throughout the mansion while the party gets started with dancing in the Ballroom or under the stars in the Glass ceilinged Garden Room. The evening finishes off with our European Dessert Café. Traditional Style - after enjoying a spectacular cocktail hour with display stations and hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, guests will be seated in the Ballroom for a traditional, elegant, and unforgettable evening of cocktails, dinner, and dancing.

Q: What is it that makes your establishment and location perfect for an event?

A: The complete intimacy and magnificent history of the mansion. “Your home for the day” One on one service, exclusivity and our unmatched willingness to tailor every wedding to our specific brides (and grooms) dreams. Our wedding specialists are ready to help plan and prepare for the most important day in their lives. Both the bride and groom are encouraged to share in the fun and excitement of their special day. Since the mansion is owned and operated by NYIT, brides and grooms can appreciate that they are helping to invest in education by having their wedding at de Seversky Mansion.

Q: How far in advance should someone interested in using your facility book it?

A: At least 8-10 months. If a bride and groom are looking for a specific date then at least a year to a year and a half … dates go fast.

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NYIT de Seversky Mansion Reviews

  July, 2015
About a year before we started planning our own wedding, I went to a friend’s wedding. She was so excited to get married,but her wedding was just not that amazing to me. I mean, it was nice … but there was nothing about it that really stood out to me from all the other weddings I’d ever seen or heard of. It just seemed like it was probably the exact same wedding that the church had done the day before and the day after, and the same with the catering hall they went with and the reception. There was nothing unique about it. I couldn’t imagine showing everyone my wedding photos and my videos afterwards and being like, “Yeah, it was just another wedding.” That’s why we s et out to make sure that our wedding wouldn’t be “just another wedding” identical to hersand everyone else’s we’d ever seen! We wanted to be able to show our children and grandchildren our wedding photos and videos with pride. We wanted those photos and videos to tell a story about us and our relationship. And we didn’t want anyone else to have our ceremony, our vows, or our party. We wanted it to be about us! Our first and I think most important step was to pick somewhere we could get married and celebrate that was actually going to be unique in itself, and which would let us be unique too. That meant a whole lot of options were right out, because not every wedding venue allows you to really go all out with customizing everything. A lot of these places, they just want to get you in and out the door. They don’t want to get to know you as people and create something special just for you. So we made our decision here based on two things. The first was the fact that this is an absolutely gorgeous, one-of-a-kind environment unlike any other. It is really incredible, with so many different rooms and gardens to explore. The second reason was Jessica. Jessica was exactly the kind of banquet manager and event planner that we were looking for, and that we thought we would never find. She understood right away when I started trying to explain what it was we didn’t like about other weddings we’d seen, and why we wanted our wedding to be different, unique, special. She was onboard with everything we wanted right away, and very assuring about how far she was willing to go to make sure that we had a truly one-of-a-kind celebration. This is a great place to get married if you’re into historical stuff. We both very much are, which was exactly one of the reasons we felt like it was a good fit for our personalities. We were actually both history majors and met through our program, so that just made it an even better reflection of us. The mansion was built back close to the 1920s, I think a little earlier, so it has that great old-fashioned look to it. Beautiful columns, a grand staircase, and so many beautifully decorated rooms inside with old-style furniture. When you drive up you’ll be amazed. When you step inside, you will feel like you have just wound back the clock and stepped back decades. Nothing beats the banquet hall with the hardwood floors and the moulding on the ceiling and those elegant red curtains. The curtains actually worked great with or wedding colors. It was just such a magical place to celebrate. Back to Jessica, she was so enthusiastic both about the mansion and about her work. It was just delightful talking to her and listening while she told us all about its history and showed us the amazing rooms and grounds. We knew we had finally found our place right away. So now you are probably wondering about our wedding. We worked closely with Jessica on all of the details. When we didn’t have any idea where to start with flowers and decorations, she was the one who pointed us in exactly the right direction. We were at a complete loss when it came to entertainment. She once again helped us to find exactly what we needed. We did not want something cheesy! We wanted something romantic. And that was exactly what she helped us find. The band that we hired was absolutely perfect. We liked the wedding photos Jessica shared with us in the mansion’s portfolio. She put us in touch with some of the photographers, and we actually went with one of them. Like Jessica, all of these people were incredible. I can see why she recommended them, not only for their quality, but also for their dedication. All of them, like her, were invested in making our wedding special and unique. None of them tried to push us one way or another, and all of them wanted to hear what we were looking for before offering suggestions of their own. In other words, nobody walked into this with a pre-conceived notion or plan. They let us lead the way. So with all of these wonderful people onboard, you can bet that we had a tremendously incredible day. It really was something to see how it all came together. The way the mansion and the décor and the lighting and music and the whole production just worked was so amazing! The effect was a magical day made up of magical moments. And throughout them all, the terrific staff here at the mansion were with us to make our every wish come true. Our wedding was not “just another wedding!” The ceremony was beautiful and distinctive, and our officiant was wonderful and very accomodating with the special vows we wrote and everything else. The aisle was beautifully lined with our flowers and petals, and walking down it I felt like a queen. The party afterward was amazing! I’ll never forget the music, our first dance, the incredible banquet (these chefs truly are artists in the kitchen!), and how many people told us, “This is the best wedding we have ever been to,” “Who did your flowers?”, “Is the mansion also the caterer?”, “Who put this all together?” and so many other questions. Our day was perfect, and we can’t wait to share the memories with our relatives, our friends, and everyone else who was there—and with everyone who couldn’t make it. And best of all someday, with our children!

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  April, 2015
It’s just crazy that this is located on the university campus. It’s incredibly posh! We got interested in a wedding here when we saw how many awards they’ve won. Lots of “Best of” awards for different years online, and a lot of them recent too. The reviews we saw blew us away, and just reading them, I kept getting excited! There were so many that described exactly the kind of service and environment we were looking for. Jessica was the contact person we worked on our wedding plans with. We booked pretty far out, and she was there for us right from day one to help us get everything in order. I thought that maybe we were planning way too far in advance, but she seemed to think it was a great idea! As we got closer and closer to the big date, we found ourselves working more and more closely with her. She replied to emails very quickly, almost instantly at times. She had answers to each of our thousand questions. She was so patient! One of the best things about Jessica, and everyone else on the staff here, is that they never say “no.” The word is just not in their vocabularies. I’m not saying they can or will make the impossible possible, but they will work around and through any number of problems or complications without complaint. Amazingly enough, they often reminded me that I didn’t need to say “no” to ideas that I was worried might be too difficult to turn into realities! They were enthusiastic and ready to tackle every challenge, even the ones that would have intimidated me right out of trying. Best of all, they made it seem so easy. I never worried that anything was out of my control or theirs. Jessica wasn’t just there to plan either. She was also there on our wedding day, and she helped out in a hundred different ways. That’s something I haven’t heard of happening too often. Usually it seems like the people who do the planning back away a bit and let the bridal attendant and maitre’d take care of the details on the wedding day. But no, she stayed involved, and even helped me with my train. We did have a wonderful maitre’d and an amazing bridal attendant though. Ana and Damian were such a pleasure to work with. It was a real treat even just having a chance to get to know such wonderful people. And the fact that they were putting all their efforts into seeing to it that we were happy … well, that was priceless. These folks went above and beyond in so many ways. Just as an example, we were really enjoying the food at the buffet, which was just AWESOME. But we didn’t have a lot of time to eat. Way too many guests demanding our attention and too much to do. But Damian made sure that we got some of the food to take with us afterward, and he even noticed which foods we were particularly raving about. Oh yeah, a word about the buffet thing. The word “buffet” almost sent me running for the hills, or at least for another wedding package, but they assured us time and again that we’d love it. The buffet thing is a bit weird because there are no seat assignments (although in some ways that actually made things easier, since we didn’t have to come up with a way to mark all the tables and seats). It wasn’t chaos though, believe it or not. And there was nothing about the buffet which was typical. Food quality was very much 5 star restaurant vein, not the kind of cheap foods that typically end up at all-you-can-eat tables. It’s hard for me to imagine that a standard dinner banquet would have been better, because the food was so good I couldn’t really picture “better.” Anyway, we loved it, because everyone could pick what they wanted, and people could move around the room and sit where they wanted. We circulated a lot during the buffet and the cocktail hour. Well, “hour” isn’t really right. The cocktail “hour” actually is a continuous, ongoing thing. Basically, people can walk around anywhere in the mansion and eat what they like when they want. They have food in all the different rooms, so as you explore, it’s like you stumble upon room upon room of delicious surprises. The rooms themselves are very romantic and beautifully old-fashioned. Picture fancy molding on the ceilings, dramatic curtains in the windows, wood-panel walls, gorgeous fireplaces, doors with ornate engravings, columns framing doorways, hardwood floors … there’s nothing I can say to really convey how beautiful it is. Everyone had such a wonderful time walking around and exploring, and there was something for everyone. Dancing and partying on the ballroom floor … or quiet little nooks for intimate conversations. Wherever you went, there was something to see and something to eat. You will love the grounds too, which are beautifully landscaped, but not too perfect. They have a natural, wild feel in places. No matter what room or garden you stumble into, you feel like you have discovered some kind of wonderful secret. I bet that we still missed a lot of what there was to see here, even though we looked around as much as we could. Everything was just remarkable, and there is no way I can say “thank you” enough to all the wonderful staff members. Ana, Damian, Jessica, you were all amazing to us and to all of our guests. Every single person on your staff was incredible. We still cannot stop telling people how kind, flexible, and accommodating you all were. And to the owners of this venue—you have done an incredible job keeping this place in incredible condition. It feels like a trip back in time getting married here. Our whole day was easy, fun, stress-free, and utterly magical. Thank you for making our wedding day the best of our lives.

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  October, 2014
We always wanted our wedding to be an elegant affair! So we were pretty much set on going with some kind of a mansion and not a hotel or something like that. We looked at photos for a few locations online, and this was the place that really grabbed us. It was so easy to imagine ourselves out in front of that gorgeous mansion under those beautiful columns in our wedding dress and tux with all of our family and friends! We spoke on the phone with a very nice gentleman who set up an appointment for us. When we pulled up in front of the mansion for our planning sessions, we were just in awe—it is even more gorgeous in person than it is in the photographs, which really do not give it justice! (Although, our wedding photos do!) The word for this place is “superlative.” Not just good, but the best, and everything about it. The mansion itself is superlative, a beautiful bit of architecture with incredible grounds. The staff is superlative. They want you to be happy, and they go out of their way to make sure that you have the best day of your lives. The catering is superlative, literally some of the best of any fine dining I have ever had! We were stunned, because we were planning on ordering out to another caterer, but when we sampled, we were sold! We did this really cool European style wedding package they offered us. They opened up the whole mansion to us, and we moved from room to room throughout the day for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the celebration and the dinner later in the day. Every room we set foot in was sumptuous and just breathtakingly beautiful! Our guests had a fun time exploring the place while chatting with each other and spending time together. The other big highlight to us was Damian, who was our maitre d. He was so dedicated to helping out with every aspect of the wedding you’d think he was a relative or friend himself. He paid such personal attention to every detail, like our wedding was personally important to him. He never once treated us like strangers. We could tell that he really loves what he does and takes real pride in it. Pride. That’s the other word I’d use to describe our experience. Every staff member here was obviously very proud to take part in making our wedding as amazing as it could be. This isn’t just a job to these staff members, I’m convinced. They genuinely enjoy every moment of it, and love sharing in the special moments in peoples’ lives. To say that I’m glad that we chose to go here would be the understatement of the century. Several family members had suggested other places to us, but our guts told us to come here, and we are so glad we listened to that inner voice, because no other experience could have matched this one! Thank you to Damian and everyone else at the mansion for making our day magical!

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  May, 2014
Jessica and Ana were amazing bringing everything together for our big day! We chose this location because it is so sumptuous and beautiful. We were thinking ambiance. We really just lucked out that we also got some of the best event planning in the area. We never thought it would be so easy. We had a glorious time, and would recommend this place to anyone!

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