Palmer Vineyards

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Palmer Vineyards
Palmer Vineyards is a family place that you can use for weddings, private parties, bridal showers, birthdays, and any other special event that you have planned. Bob Palmer has his name on all of the bottles he sells and they are all of high quality. His wines can be sold at the vineyards, be sampled through wine tasting, or be ordered at Fulton's Restaurant and The View Restaurant. Wine gift baskets are also sold with Palmer's exquisite wines as a big part of the arrangement.

Everyone visit's the Palmer Vineyards including the Easter bunny. He stops by and the vineyard becomes a large Easter egg hunt for children of all ages. If you are interested in something other than child’s play then the wine tasting at Palmer’s is for you. You can sample a 2007 Sauvignon Blanc or a 2005 Merlot among others. Palmer can also serve as the backdrop to your wedding with countryside views and the vineyard in the distance.

The vineyards have beautiful and romantic views when the sunset creeps over North Fork. There is a covered deck for small groups and larger groups can use the lawn and tents for shade or have a nighttime wedding under the stars with no need for tents. The staff at Palmer are dedicated to every detail of your special day and they will provide recommendations for caterers, music and live bands, photographers and flowers. Everything else is to be provided by you, but the pictures of your wedding day at Palmer are sure to be worth bringing those items yourself.

Palmer has events all year long with hayrides, Halloween Trick or Treating at the vineyards and a Christmas choir called Harbor Bells. Starting your future with Palmer is easy and coming back every year with the kids makes the vineyards a priority for families everywhere.

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Palmer Vineyards Reviews

  July, 2015
Keeping it small. That was what we decided from the moment we got engaged. Could we have invited hundreds of people to our wedding? Yeah, probably, but that wouldn’t really be “us.” We are both low key people, and a wedding is special. If we were actually close to our extended families, it would have made sense to make it a big affair. But we didn’t want to do that. In fact, we might even have eloped, except that we thought we deserved better than that. Plus, we still wanted to do –something- special for our parents and brothers and sisters and our super-closest friends. We thought of the vineyard only at the last minute. We were looking at catering halls, but all we kept seeing was big, big, big. And not to mention … $$$$. So those were not going to work out. I just didn’t want a catering hall too, that was the other problem. I just don’t like the aesthetic. It’s not my thing. Again, it wouldn’t have been “us,” and our wedding should reflect our personalities. We were actually visiting the vineyard to get away from all the hectic planning stuff. It was going to be our weekend off to recharge before we jumped back into looking at the unwanted catering halls. We were both full of dread at the thought of it. And then, while in the middle of a glass of Sparkling Brut (which is *the* wine to get here), a light bulb went off in my head and I said we should ask if we could get married here. Sure enough, they were really responsive and told us that couples get married here pretty often. They started showing us around. I mean, we already knew our way around, but somehow I never noticed how easy it would be to have an event here, and they helped us visualize it. Well, we were sold on it instantly because that meant no more catering halls! We could actually get married at a place we already love, and of course the beverages would be amazing. Josh, the manager, is a great guy. Working with him is such a pleasure and he totally got just looking at me that I was frustrated and wanted to keep things small and simple. He helped me figure out the simplest routes to getting everything set up and getting vendors to provide us with the catering and everything else. He had lots of good names to recommend, and he gave us some info and feedback on all of them, so we weren’t just blindly calling people up. It was a short list and we went through it fast. We did the wedding ceremony elsewhere (it was easiest to do it at the family church), and then what we did was come here and throw the party. Of course we enjoyed some amazing wine, and Josh actually had recommended a catering company that was able to pair food nicely with our favorite wines when we planned the menu. The result was quite exceptional. What we ended up with was exactly what we had hoped for when we first set out on our wedding planning journey, and exactly what we didn’t think would be possible. We had a small, simple gathering. The planning was minimal once we picked the vineyard and started working with Josh, and we just got to enjoy ourselves. Honestly the good food and wine and the company of our family and our close friends was all we needed or wanted to have a wonderful day. And it was one! If you want a small wedding, great people to work with on it, and a really lovely day with the people you are closest to, definitely do this.

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  February, 2015
If you are looking for a lovely place to visit and have a delicious wine tasting experience or even hold an event, you are going to find few choices as amazing as Palmer Vineyards. We have always loved visiting this place, and that’s why we decided we would get married here. We felt like we already knew some of the staff, and we knew them well enough to be sure that they would do a great job working with us on the details. Plus you can tell that they set this place up with events in mind, weddings in particular. We could see instantly how our wedding would look here when we tried to visualize it. It just seemed so natural. We love all of the wines we have tried here! The Sparkling Brut is amazing, and you cannot go wrong with the Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer. Of course, one of the best benefits of having our wedding at the vineyard was being able to enjoy those delicious drinks at our cocktail hour and also during the dinner, both of which we enjoyed immensely. So many of our guests were blown away too! Most of the people we had with us had never been to the vineyard before, and many of them hadn’t actually been to any Long Island vineyard. It was great hearing their reactions! They were all amazed at how beautiful this place is, and even more amazed by how great the wine is! More than a few people told us that this was not only the best cocktail hour they ever attended, but some of the best wine they ever tasted. I’m pretty sure that the vineyard sold a lot of wine to our friends before they flew back home again. We enjoyed immensely working with Josh (the manager of the vineyard) on our event. He was a joy to deal with, and was really into the planning process. I was surprised at that! I had a friend who got married at another vineyard not too far from this one, and she told me that the venue manager was totally hands-off during the entire thing, and didn’t want to get involved. That wasn’t really what I was looking for, but I was willing to put up with it if it meant getting married here. But Josh wasn’t like that at all! He was more than willing to lend a hand through the whole thing, and we really felt like he was invested in the success of our event, and not just renting out the space to us. That meant a lot to us, and it’s only done more to convince us that this is just one of the best businesses on the island. If great wine is your thing, and you love this kind of scenery and ambiance, you will not find a better choice for hosting your event. Josh is a pleasure to work with, and so are the rest of the staff here. You will have nothing but the best!

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  January, 2015
This has become our favorite place anywhere on Long Island. And we felt that way about it even before we decided we would have our wedding reception here! We discovered it years ago, when we went for a drive in North Fork. We thought we’d just take in the sights from the road, roll down the windows, enjoy the fresh air, but we had some extra time, so we stopped at this winery to take a tour, try some of their wine, see what it was like. It turned out to be some of the best wine we’d ever had. We’ve been to a few more wineries since then and we’ve tasted a lot of North Fork wine, but Palmer is the best hands-down, both for the wine and for the setting. I believe that this is actually the oldest winery in the region. I can certainly see why they’ve been in business for so long! The quality of the wine alone is amazing, but the winery itself is a lovely place to spend a tranquil afternoon. The lawn is beautiful and looks out over the vineyards, and the chairs are really cozy. They actually let you bring your own food and you can sit there and have a picnic. When we started planning our wedding, we got to wondering whether Palmer does weddings or not, since we knew they did events. We checked on their website and found out right away that they do. At that point we didn’t even need to think about a plan B; we called and made sure it was within our spending limit and immediately made our reservation once we figured out our schedule and our guest list. We didn’t need to check out any other venues, because this was already our dream location, especially being somewhere that had already become quite special to us. The ceremony took place outside in the vineyard itself, which was a magical experience. We’d spent so much time already exploring the vineyards that we knew exactly where we wanted photographs taken. The wedding package was quite low-cost all things considered. It came not only with the rental of the grounds, but discounts on the wine! That wasn’t something I expected, and seemed like a very nice extra thrown into a package which was already a supremely good deal. We had our party outside on the lawn. A lot of our guests had never been to the winery before, so it was a new and exciting experience for a lot of people. For ages afterwards it seemed people were calling us and thanking us for choosing such a special spot for the wedding! It seems like we introduced a lot of our friends to their new favorite destination in North Fork. The best thing to me about doing this is the fact that we were able to get married in a place that we already felt sentimental about. And anytime we are feeling sentimental, we can visit and enjoy a wine tasting, some fresh country air, and the memories of our incredible day.

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