Pellegrini Vineyards

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Pellegrini Vineyards
The Pellegrini Vineyards have rich and green rolling hills that showcase their fine wines and the grapes that started the whole transaction. At Pellegrini, you can arrange to have your own private party or even your picturesque wedding with the vineyards as the backdrop. Wines at Pellegrini include their Cabernet Sauvignon from 2001 and 2002 or their 2001 Merlot that can be paired well with a spring wedding or a weekend tasting event.

Private wine tasting is offered at the Vintner's Room that has a view of the vineyards that you and your guests will love. The tasting includes the current wine selection as well as wines from the Pellegrini Library. The staff will talk over wine with facts and characteristics of wine that is perfect for friendly get together and chances to get to know each other. Private tours of the vineyards, fermentation, tank room and the aging cellar are available too.

Cheese goes best with wine and at Pellegrini, they have that covered too. The Private Great Room can be your host to wine and cheese parties, bridal showers, or you can sit beneath the stars and sip your wine of choice. Pellegrini weddings are held throughout the year. Your dream wedding can be held outside with snowflakes in the winter, barefoot in the sunset in summer or orange and yellow leaves in the fall. Tents can be set up for the wedding nuptials and the reception or your party can be taken indoors.

Pellegrini is a place for good wine, great taste, the wedding of your dreams and a relaxing time away that you will never forget. Wine tasting can turn the amateur into a wine expert and give the wine lover sips of the most flavorful reds and whites that Pellegrini has to offer.

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Pellegrini Vineyards Reviews

  April, 2015
We’ve been coming to Pellegrini for years now. We fell in love with it the first time we visited. That was also right around when we fell in love with each other. It’s a beautiful place that’s off the beaten tourist path, and it’s a lot less crowded than some of the other wineries. We wanted to get married during the summer, so it was especially important to us to choose a quiet spot where we could have the vineyard to ourselves and not have to listen to traffic whizzing by or deal with other people visiting. When you rent out Pellegrini, you get the entire vineyard to yourself with no disruptions, and since it’s out of the way, there isn’t much in the way of interruptions from the road either. It was a small, private affair, and we all loved the country quiet and the fresh air. I should add that this is actually a spacious spot, and if you do have a big party you want to host, you can do it here. I think they told us while we were planning that we could have had up to 200 people! They had a whole list of vendors for us to choose from. We didn’t have any of that figured out, so we checked out all the names on their list and ended up going with a caterer, florist and DJ that they recommended. We did the whole nine yards of what you’d do at any other wedding, but we just kept it small and unpretentious. We got married on the grounds, we had a sit-down dinner, and we had a big party with dancing and everything. There was a huge tent which kept off the sun. We took care of most of the details in conjunction with our vendors, so we didn’t need more than the couple staff members they left on site with us. We liked it that way, though they were both extremely helpful at every turn! In fact, the whole staff was amazing. The entire event was a huge success, and we LOVED it. Back on a more general note, the wines here are great! We have tried a bunch, but our favorite (we both agree) is the Vintner’s Pride Chardonnay. We come around regularly for a wine tasting. It’s a wonderful way to wind down the evening after we eat out for lunch. It’s very nice to watch the sun dropping over the vines and feel those cool evening breezes. We have several bottles at home right now. We try to bring them out for special occasions, but it’s tough to stay disciplined. We go through them pretty quickly. Pellegrini is a lovely, hospitable place to spend an afternoon, host a party, or tie the knot! Drop by sometime. We just know you will have a wonderful time, and maybe we will see you there!

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  December, 2014
We had our wedding here on a warm, beautiful day this summer, and we loved it! We already had a lot of our vendors picked out; we knew what we wanted to do for catering, and we had a DJ in mind too. One of the reasons we liked this place was they were pretty much content to let us do what we wanted. They had a list of recommendations for the stuff we hadn’t figured out yet, which came in handy. Aside from that though, a lot of the planning details were left totally up to us. I imagine that might not be best for all couples, but for us it was perfect, because we already pretty much had figured out exactly how the event was going to go. I mean, we knew the schedule, everything. They only left a couple of staff members with us during the event, and other than that, it was just us and our vendors; we had the place completely to ourselves! There was this great feeling or privacy, like the vineyard actually belonged to us for the afternoon, which was really lovely. I really like that they didn’t hover over us or anything. We really just wanted the setting and the space, and the freedom to do what we wanted. Their regulations were easy to understand and they guided us through everything and answered our questions. They were on the same page with us from day one, and our wedding was awesome.

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