Soundview Restaurant

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Soundview Restaurant

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  57185 Route 48, Greenport, NY
Soundview Restaurant
Soundview Restaurant and Catering does it all for you, from creating memorable North Fork waterfront views of Long Island's daunting Sound, to offering large banquet-sized rooms, to providing exquisite fresh fine dining, to even welcoming guests to stay at the neighboring Soundview Inn (where each and every room is on the water!).

Soundview Restaurant's Gold Room is elegant and spacious and your event could be timed just right for you and your guests to enjoy the beautiful Long Island Sound sunset without getting up from their dinner table. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fine cuisine offered at the Soundview Restaurant. Its menu consists of fresh and locally produced fare that expertly blends classic American and Continental cuisines. Popular dishes include the famous Long Island Duckling, and succulent seafood from local waters. Of course, no meal is complete without the perfect drink to accompany it, and Soundview Restaurant is proud to feature many award-winning vintages from local wineries.

Not only is this uniquely situated restaurant ideal for your upcoming wedding or other special private event, but it's a grand option for corporate or business events. It's an easy jaunt over from the Long Island Expressway, and provides for a venue that is far different from your everyday banquet hall. We trust that strong business bonds, fresh ideas and fun new concepts are bound to arise after meeting in such an awe-inspiring place!

Looking for a place to celebrate a less formal event? Soundview Restaurant is ideal for that as well. It offers lighter menus, karaoke parties, Thanksgiving Day dinners, "Friday Night Fun", and even fun "burger and beer" menus.

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  November, 2014
We had our wedding reception here in the restaurant. We were married at another site, and wanted to do our party here because we actually stayed here on one of our first trips together when we started dating! We remembered it being very romantic before, and it was this time too. The seafood was even more amazing than we remembered, and the restaurant itself is just beautiful wish a lovely polished floor and amazing views of the sea right outside. We also stayed here for our honeymoon. It is expensive, but we didn’t care. It was so much fun being here again, and it was as relaxing as it was the first time. The rooms are right up against the water, and you can hear the waves at night. You can step outside your room and walk directly onto the beach. Yes, the rooms are a little old-fashioned, but we think that adds to their charm. Wonderful spot!

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