Village Club at Lake Success

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Village Club at Lake Success
The Village Club at Lake Success sits on the edge of pristine Lake Success with breathtaking views of tranquil waters and lush foliage. We invite you to celebrate your next special event against a backdrop of Spanish-deco architecture and impeccably manicured greens. Indulge in an exclusive country club atmosphere that is also conveniently located—less than 20 miles from New York City and easily accessible to all points on Long Island. The Club’s elegant banquet room boasts dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor terrace that is perfect for al fresco cocktails or an outside wedding ceremony. Philip Stone Caterers’ unsurpassed service, magnificent menu design, and delectable cuisine further enhance The Village Club’s exquisite setting. For more information, visit us online at
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Village Club at Lake Success Reviews

  July, 2015
So many catering halls all have that look with the floral wallpaper and the old-fashioned drapes. You know what I mean? They’re very frilly and flowery, and that wasn’t the style that we wanted. We wanted something modern, so we actually looked at small nightclubs and everything, but they were just too restrictive for the number of guests we wanted to invite. It turned out that the Village Club was actually exactly what we were hoping for in the first place! We found it online one day and loved the pictures. The ambiance was even better in person, and they have a huge amount of space, so we were able to invite everybody who we wanted. We were scheduled for an appointment to meet with a coordinator named Tracy, who we loved working with instantly! She was very warm and made us feel right at home. She also was creative and she seemed like a bottomless wellspring of ideas. She totally got where we were coming from with the atmosphere and what we were hoping to achieve, and she made recommendations for the flowers, décor and everything to help us make it happen. All her recommendations worked out great, and saved us so much time. What we really marveled at was the food! The club uses Philip Stone Caterers. I had no experience with them, though one of my friends got excited when I told her before the wedding. She said that she went to another party they catered and that their food was incredible. She even suggested that we go with their filet mignon. We did just that, and it was the best filet mignon I ever ate! They had lots of choices for dessert too, not the usual platter of pastries that you see at every other catering hall. The cranberry pound cake was just wonderful. Basically, everything about this experience was perfect. We planned over a long time period and the team was incredibly responsive to our questions and requests over that time, and all the last-minute changes and revisions we kept making. No matter how many times we switched something around or asked for something we thought they’d find odd, they were ready for it, and never told us it couldn’t be done. They just acted like it was routine, which I guess it must be for them. Still, I couldn’t imagine multi-tasking and being as flexible as they were. Our wedding was beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, forever!

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  May, 2015
We did a golf outing here. It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had! We are all big into golfing, and I have had the pleasure of golfing at a number of world-class courses, but this was something else. It’s a par 70 course, and I swear every moment was picturesque. The upkeep on the grounds is incredible. The fairways were beautiful and the greens were perfect. The course offered quite a bit of challenge, but it was the perfect way to relax and spend time together. We had the course to ourselves all day. That’s the best part! When you buy the golf outing package here, they close the course to everyone else. It’s a completely private experience. We also were able to use the carts, and they had valet parking too. The club itself has this retro Spanish-deco style which is quite elegant and made me feel like we’d traveled to Europe to golf. The banquet room was very elegant, and had big windows looking out on the lake. We ate on the terrace though, which was even better, since we got to enjoy even more of the fresh air and the solitude and tranquility of the site. The food was excellent. You are able tor reserve breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a combination. We had a meal before we hit the course and then another to finish off the day. Everything we ate was elegantly served and tasted even better than it looked. The menu was great, and I still am not sure whether I enjoyed breakfast or dinner more. Both were just impeccable. If you are a golf aficionado, you cannot miss this. It is a wonderful experience, and you will love every second.

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  January, 2015
Did you grow up dreaming about your wedding when you were a little girl? I certainly did, and along the way, I planned everything just the way I wanted it: the music the band would play, the food, the location, the lighting, every little detail. Of course, then I grew up and realized a lot of it wasn’t going to work out. I wasn’t going to get married in Jamaica after all, and so many other things I had hoped for just weren’t in the cards. So when I say that my real wedding turned out to be very different but every bit as wonderful as what I’d dreamed, I hope you understand! Since I knew literally everything I wanted, it was really hard for me to let go and let the venue plan some of it or give me suggestions for things that simply weren’t possible with our budget. Still, Tom and Nicole here at the Village Club inspired my confidence, and I was able to work with them to get things as close to perfect as possible! They were actually able to do a lot of what I had envisioned, and they had some amazing ideas that I never had, even with that lifetime of dreaming! How did we end up choosing the Village Club? Well, as I said, I wanted to get married in Jamaica, so I can’t say that this was the place I’d always imagined. It was actually my husband who wanted to check it out after weeks of looking at other places (with palm trees) and rejecting them. This place is very Long Island, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Beautiful lawns and lovely trees, and plenty of space. It’s very pretty, and I could easily envision our photos as we took the tour. It was actually Tom and Nicole though who convinced me to take the plunge. They are really lovely people, and we knew that we were in good hands right after we started chatting with them. They were very fast to answer questions and I could see right off that they were very competent people. None of our requests confused them, even my very specific ones, and they were more than willing to work with me on every point. We were so impressed that we had no problem placing a reservation right away! It was such a relief to finally be done with that whole search process. One of the most enjoyable parts of planning was the food tasting! We had so much fun trying everything they had to offer. It was hard deciding what to put on our menu and what to skip though, because we loved literally every bite we tried of every dish. I think we made a great selection though, because everyone told us again and again after the wedding (and during it!) how good the food was. My bridal attendant was Winnie. From the moment we arrived at the venue on the day of our wedding until the moment we headed out the door, she was there to take care of all of my needs! She answered so many questions and did a really great job staying one step ahead of me at all times. Tom also was there to help out throughout the day. When we needed to make some last minute changes because of the weather, he was there to handle everything. It turned out they had a great plan B in place, and they made it look like an effortless transition. A lot of the guests had no idea there had even been a change. That’s how great they were. The reception was a lot of fun, and the entertainment was excellent! This was one of the areas where things differed a lot from what I originally had pictured, but I ended up loving it! The dinner and the cocktail hour both were even better than the original tasting, although we did not get much time to eat. After our wedding, I was really pleased that they took the time to package up some of the foods so that we could take them home and eat them the next day. We actually had a lot more as leftovers than we had on the day of our wedding. So that was really nice. I also have to mention what an amazing job they did on our cake! I had a really specific idea in mind for it, and I told them and they were able to duplicate it exactly. It came out perfectly, and I have so many beautiful pictures of it. The chocolate mousse recipe tasted amazing. I wish I had it so I could make it again sometime! Until then I’ll just have to hope that one of my girlfriends has her wedding here so there’s a reason to go back and eat all that delicious food again. I really hope that happens, because it was some of the best food I ever ate! Was this the wedding I’d imagined all those years growing up and dreaming of finding the perfect man? No, but I think it was even better in many ways! It was Tom, Nicole and Winnie who made all of this possible. They were very patient and accommodating and there was no request that stumped them. We were very fortunate to have found them. Their attention to detail was astounding. If I had to do it all over again, I would come here again. And if I’d known this would be my wedding someday, as a little girl I’d have dreamt of this and not Jamaica!

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  October, 2014
We must have visited … gosh, six or seven places before we came to this one. Hubby was probably getting a little impatient. I sure know I was. I was starting to despair that we’d ever find the right spot, and then we pulled up here at the lake and the beautiful club. Picture this … wide, lush, vibrant green lawns … gorgeous architecture with some Spanish influences … stunning interiors with a modern look. This place is the height of sophistication! When we saw it, we were on edge, because we really, really wanted it to be the place! We’d already seen a few pretty venues that disappointed when we talked to the manager … and we were worried that this one would disappoint even more, because we already were totally in love with the scenery. We couldn’t handle another letdown. As it turned out, we didn’t have to. Tracy greeted us and started talking plans with us right away. I could tell she loves working here. And who wouldn’t? It’s one of the most beautiful locations around, and it must be an amazing place to work each day. It was an amazing place for our wedding! Tracy was always accessible and communicated with us about every detail and every change. We really loved some of the ideas she had when we first started talking, so we were happy to give her something of a free rein with many aspects of the planning. But where we knew what we wanted, she delivered exactly what we asked for. We were incredibly pleased with both our maitre’d and our bridal attendant. Anthony was very organized and never lost track of anything or anyone during the wedding. He was amazing coordinating the rest of the staff and making sure everyone was where they needed to be at all times. He was also great fun, and he helped us relax. Patty, the bridal attendant, was just amazing. She was great at juggling, and I mean that almost literally. Oftentimes her hands were totally full ... drinks, my gown, etc. And she never fumbled. She juggled her tasks just as well. Before we chose our menu, we were invited down for a food tasting, which was a wonderful experience on its own. Everything we tried was delicious! We both loved the filet mignon and chose that for the dinner. The guests all were thrilled with the choice, and I swear it tasted even better on the day of the wedding than it did during the tasting. We got to take some home too, which was good, because we were so busy that we hardly got time to eat. The cake also really surpassed all my expectations. It was beautiful, and I’m so glad we have the photos of it. It tasted as wonderful as it looked. It was just a magnificent experience in every respect, and it’s because of the amazing staff here … and of course the wonderful location. It was everything we hoped when we drove up … and so much more!

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  July, 2014
Wow, we just could not believe how beautiful this place is! They have the most gorgeous mood lighting, and everything is very open, spacious, and has this modern vibe, very elegant and artistic. It was perfect for our wedding celebration, and made for some outstanding photographs. If you’re looking for a venue with a really nice modern vibe, this is it—this is as sophisticated as it gets.

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  June, 2014
Our event was a smashing success! The caterers they have here are Philip Stone caterers--and their menu is sooooo good. They have seasonal menus, and we had the spring menu. Some really outstanding seafood. I almost wish we could have another excuse to throw a party just so we could try the autumn menu!

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