Wolffer Estate

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Wolffer Estate
With a location in the heart of the Hampton’s a wine lover would be in heaven while visiting Wolffer Estate. Elegant wines are produced at this estate that can give you and your loved one a romantic getaway location with strolls along the vineyards with the breeze coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. This estate is not just for a couple’s retreat. Imagine a weekend getaway from the office with your girlfriends. Between the wine making and the horse stables, there is a sight for everyone to see and enjoy.

The wine making at Wolffer Estate is quite exquisite and elegant with a dedicated team of wine lovers and experts in the field. A slow process produces fine wine that will definitely be the focal point of your visit to the estate. One trip to Wolffer and you will be hooked. Their staff is professional and their wine is of the highest quality. You and your friends can enjoy the benefits of the estate’s wine club too. Imagine access to new releases of wine, discounts on wine and special events and private tasting invitations all within a membership that costs nothing to join.

With the beauty and elegance that Wolffer Estate offers, any party or outdoor event, like a wedding, would benefit from being held here. The stables are full of horses that bring a calming and peaceful atmosphere to the location while you enjoy your stay and wine at Wolffer Estate. The barns and the courtyard are placed beneath sunny skies and offer horses for riding as well as admiring. Trails will keep you outdoors enjoying the amazing view and backdrop of the New York sky. Individual wines and wine boutique items can be purchased for you to remember your stay at Wolffer.

Let your inner wine goddess shine with a trip to Wolffer Estate.

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Wolffer Estate Reviews

  August, 2015
We were married here this spring, and it was such a wonderful experience! An outdoor wedding was a must for us. We love being out in nature. We didn’t want to leave the area, so that left a beach or a vineyard wedding. The beach is beautiful, but we didn’t think it’d work with our wedding theme, which was a kind of rustic country wedding. We wanted our guests to be able to imagine that we’d traveled west and maybe a couple hundred years back in time. When I was a child, I loved visiting my grandpa’s farm in the Midwest. I was visualizing what a wedding on a farm would be like, and my husband came up with the idea of doing it at the vineyard. I thought that was a really cool idea, and it turned out perfectly. We made most of our decorations ourselves, and we even chose the DIY route with our arrangements. We ordered our flowers wholesale online and then put everything together ourselves the night before. We kept it simple, so we wouldn’t have too much to set up. But we had a really good time setting up too! Our maid of honor and best man and a couple of the groomsmen helped us get everything ready, and I worked with my bridesmaids on the arrangements. The vineyard made the perfect rustic backdrop, and was just the right atmosphere. Simple and small. That was our theme for the whole affair. Our family and close friends, a small band, a light touch with the décor, and a focus on each other and our guests. Everyone had a lot of fun and we had so many people tell us it was the most beautiful and unique wedding they ever went to! You wouldn’t believe how many people said, “If we’d just done something like this” instead of the catering hall thing. Everything about our wedding was deeply personal: our decorations, our flowers, the music, the party itself, and our photos which came out so perfectly, really capturing the moment and the atmosphere. We loved it. The perfect rustic wedding, and such beautiful memories!

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  March, 2015
My parents are huge wine aficionados, so it just made sense to bring them to a vineyard to celebrate their anniversary. They have been to a lot of them, and we had to carefully ask them questions to get them to tell us which one was their favorite without spilling the beans about what we were up to. We wanted it to be a big surprise. They really like several of the vineyards, but this was the one they seemed to keep coming back to as their number 1. Later they both told us that we guessed right! They do a lot of parties here, so it was easy to get it all set up. They don’t just try to sell you a generic package here. They work with you to come up with a package which fits with the party you want to throw and your budget. I loved how personalized they made the entire event. They have great attention to detail, and they were very pleasant to work with. In particular, Sue, the event coordinator, was awesome! She was the first person I talked to when I called in, and she was the one who took care of most of the details from start to finish. What should you know about Wolfer? They have more than 50 acres, so it’s a pretty big place, and that means you can have a really big party here, close to 200 people. Which wasn’t what we were after, but they can accommodate smaller parties too! And what was really nice was that we got the place reserved just for us, even though our party wasn’t huge. The estate itself is very much what you probably are picturing if you try to imagine a classic Suffolk vineyard. Wide open skies, long green rows you can stroll down, and some beautiful trees that help to break up the scenery, and which make it all even more picturesque. We chose to seat everyone on the patio outside, since the weather was nice. I could not get over how beautifully the tables were set! It was an absolutely gorgeous setup, and of course, sitting right now, we got that amazing view as the sun went down. They lit candles as it started getting darker, which added some wonderful mood lighting to the scene. With the lanterns, columns, and beautiful flagstones, I felt like we were in Italy somewhere! The wine selection changes seasonally. Summer in a Bottle was very tasty, but my personal favorite was the Casango Cabernet Sauvignon. You might be intimidated a bit by the price ($20 for four pours), but they do larger pours here than you might be used to, so it’s actually quite generous, and the quality of the wine is exceptional. The wines have very cool labeling art as well, with some interesting stories behind it. The staff here were very pleasant. I loved meeting Sue in person and working with her on the event details before and during the party. Everyone else was awesome too. We did a quick tour with a really nice tour guide. The staff at the tasting were great as well. Since I have only been here the one time for the party, I probably have a different impression of the place than I would if I were a regular visitor. My parents tell me (and I could see this from my brief visit before the event) that it can get quite crowded here. This is one of the more popular vineyards on the North Fork. I can definitely see why though. The staff here go out of their way to make this into a magical experience, and I’m sure that Napa and Tuscany would be hard-pressed to compete. What we have here is a very special place. I’d recommend it for any celebration, large or small. One of these days, I will go back for a tasting just to try more of their fine wines!

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  January, 2015
We are still so glad that we decided to do this! We were thinking about several different options for our wedding, including traveling, but we really do love it here and it made sense to create new memories where we’re going to be living together, so the vineyard idea was one that we kept coming back to. We looked up a bunch of vineyards online to see what kinds of wedding packages they had. There were a number of tempting vineyards, but this was the one which won us over when we went out to visit. The setting is really amazing. It’s not just the beautiful vineyards and the amazing location, but the building itself, which is very nice, and the way they set up everything for your wedding. Flowers and barrels really added a nice touch of color and rustic charm. The day that we got married the weather was beautiful! Thank goodness for that, since that was an absolute must in this setting. We were able to take so many amazing photos in the vineyard. We had so much fun at the party afterwards (the ceremony was beautiful), and we really enjoyed the wine tasting with our guests. It was an intimate setting, perfect for spending time with the people who mean the most to us in the world. Everything worked out perfectly. I want to thank Sue for that! She was our event planner and she was a dream to work with.

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  December, 2014
If you are looking for a place to celebrate your wedding where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and get away from all the craziness of the city, you will love Wolffer! Even the wedding planning process wasn’t as crazy or hectic as I thought it would be. Sue, our wedding planner, made it so easy for us. She was really into every aspect of the process, and she was totally communicative with us. She never did anything without consulting with us first to make sure it was what we wanted, and she never overlooked a single consideration we had, no matter how small. I don’t know how she could keep track of so many details, but she does it! The grounds here are some of the most stunning scenery you will see in the Hamptons. We felt like we’d stepped into another world when we got out of the car here on our wedding day. It felt so magical, like a fairytale. The patio area where we had the cocktail hour was our favorite. Beautiful flagstones, comfortable seating, and a nice awning overhead that kept the sun away. The view of the vineyards is lovely, and there is just this wonderful atmosphere. The spot where we actually were married was lovely too! They had these barrels set up and it really gave it this nice vibe. The entire time, the hospitality we experienced was unparalleled. Never in my life can I remember being treated with so much respect. I felt like the entire day really was all about us, and like for just that day, everyone was there to make us happy. We’ve been back to visit a couple of times, and everyone has recognized us instantly and asked how we’ve been settling into our married lives. They got us off to a great start, and we will always remember everything they did to give us the perfect day!

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